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Volume 87, Number 02: January 12, 2009

Cover Story

World Chemical Outlook

For the global chemical industry, the very bad day started early in the fourth quarter of 2008, and it may last another six months.

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News of the Week

Debt Crushes LyondellBasell

Chapter 11 filing seeks to protect company.

Cross-Coupling Made Easy

Iron catalysis simplifies coupling of aryl and alkyl Grignard reagents.

2011 Will Be International Year Of Chemistry

United Nations will celebrate the achievements of chemistry and its contributions to humankind.

MOF Housekeeping Improves

Supercritical CO2 scrubs porous metal-organic frameworks, increasing surface area for applications.

Online Database Of Molecular Spectra Promises To Help Astronomers

A database 18 years in the works promises to help scientists sort out the astronomical role of a giant class of organic molecules.

Dow Strikes Back

Company reveals plans in the wake of cancelled Kuwaiti deal.

Bush Designates Marine Refuges

Three areas in the Pacific will be preserved as sanctuaries.

Estrogen Factory

Crystal structure of an important breast cancer target is solved.

Microscopic Fibers Coil Together

Solvent evaporation prompts tiny hairlike fibers to twist around each other-and grab nearby particles.

ACS News

ACS Revises Policy Statements

Policy Priorities

ACS position statements seek to persuade legislators.

Bayer Diversity Forum Honors Project SEED

Find It On C&EN Online

Official Reports From The December ACS Board Meeting In Arlington, Va.

The major actions taken by the ACS Board of Directors at its Dec. 4-7, 2008, meeting in Arlington, Va.. Web Exclusive


Calendar Update

C&EN's latest list of meetings and events of interest to those in the chemical community is for January through December 2009 includes international as well as domestic meetings.

» Business

January 12, 2009

Biosimilars Bet

Merck uses new technology to enter nascent follow-on biologics market.

Managing Growth Virtually

BWA Water Additives looks to expand without acquiring production assets.

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» Government & Policy

January 12, 2009

DOE Weapons Labs At A Crossroad

Questions abound for nuclear scientists as new President charts path for U.S. weapons labs.

A Shrinking Weapons Complex

Web Exclusive

A Search For New Science Opportunities

Web Exclusive

Dangerously Vulnerable

Several reports rate biological weapons as greatest terrorism threat.

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» Science & Technology

January 12, 2009

Graduate Families

More universities are providing parental accommodation policies for graduate students.

C&EN Talks With: Klaus Mayer

Forensics team leader investigates European nuclear materials of unknown origin.

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