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Volume 87, Number 13: March 30, 2009

Cover Story

Pittcon 2009

Despite the economic crisis, conference attendance was up 7%, but some exhibitors deserted the exposition.

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News of the Week

Chemists Meet In Utah

Nanoscience is the theme of society's Salt Lake City convention.

NSF Chemistry Division Proposes Realignment

Restructuring would do away with traditional program labels.

Science In The Domestic Agenda

Science is central to U.S. economic recovery and future, House Speaker says.

Solar Firm Wins Big U.S. Loan

Financing plan has been years in the making.

NMR Method Reveals Hidden Battery Chemistry

Study may help novel lithium-ion battery achieve high charge-storage capacity. WIth Video

Gallium Additions To Aromaticity

New main-group compounds expand the bounds of metalloaromaticity.

Innospec CEO Resigns

Tainted by UN oil-for-food program scandal.

Clear Nanofiber Paper

Cellulose-based material could be used for flexible electronics.

A Cell's Vacuum Cleaner

Researchers solve the structure of P-glycoprotein, which kicks molecules out of cells.

Energy Spending Plans Detailed

Administration proposes big increases in energy development, new R&D program.

Asteroid's Debris Found

Astronomers retrieve meteoric remnants.

ACS News

Project SEED

ACS committee announces the 28 winners of its 2008–09 college scholarships.

Planning In Difficult Times

The Departments



» Business

March 30, 2009

Industry Considers Carbon Options

As greenhouse gas regulations loom in the U.S., chemical firms worry about what they'll look like.

Climate-Change Bills Remain Vague

Leading Clariant Beyond The Crisis

New CEO Hariolf Kottmann seeks to complete a long restructuring at the Swiss specialties firm.

Business Concentrates

» Government & Policy

March 30, 2009

Lying In Wait

Researchers help U.S. Army search for chemical munitions dumped at sea. WIth Video

Dolphin Death Wrongly Linked To Munitions

An Obscure Agency Under Fire

Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry favors industry over public health, critics say.

Government & Policy Concentrates

» Science & Technology

March 30, 2009

192 Lasers Converge

Livermore Lab's National Ignition Facility is gearing up to focus on the inner workings of planets and stars, fusion energy research.

Optics Needs Of NIF Required New Production And Coating Methods

Insights: A Crusade Against Holy Grails

Holy grails increasingly litter the scientific literature; this writer is on a quest to banish them.

Science & Technology Concentrates

» Pittcon 2009 Coverage

March 30, 2009

Pittcon 2009

Weathering The Crisis

Some instrument vendors skipped Pittcon 2009, but more than 19,000 attendees didn't.

Analytics For Fuel Cells

New tools to prove degradation will help design of longer lasting devices.

Shining Light On Art

Conservators use intense light sources for everything from characterizing pigments to removing lichens.

Food Analysis Gets A Boost

New methods offer simpler, faster, more convenient ways to characterize food.

New And Notable At Pittcon

Scientific instrumentation and more.

Pittcon Awards 2009

Researchers receive honors for achievements in analytical chemistry and applied spectroscopy.

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