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Volume 87, Number 16: April 20, 2009

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Specialty Chemicals

The economic downturn is taking its toll across the industry, but companies are fighting to survive and emerge even stronger.

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News of the Week

A Zippy Route To Nanoribbons

New methods peel open carbon nanotubes lengthwise to give strips of graphene.

Straight Route To Nanorings

Polymerizing a dendrimer yields elusive toroid.

Sequestering Cholera

Peptide mimic binds multisubunit toxin and could lead to new treatments.

Battery Plants Gain Ground

Lithium-ion battery makers move ahead with U.S. facilities.

New Asian Team

Japan's Mitsubishi Chemical and China's Sinopec will join forces in petrochemicals.

Casting Doubt On Old Rocks' Tales

Sediment's unusual sulfur signature may not have required oxygen-poor atmosphere.

Blood Falls Explained

Scientists reveal some chemical secrets behind a crimson-stained glacier in Antarctica.


High Jinks Boost Chemical Learning

ACS Meeting News: Incorporating games and other playful activities in college chemistry classes raises passing rates.


Championing Big Pharma's Science

Pfizer's former head of research hits back at critiques of R&D at major drug companies.

» Business

April 20, 2009

Paying Attention To Neglected Diseases

The Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative is mobilizing public/private partnerships.

How MSF Advanced From The Field To The Research Lab

Breaking The Mold

Vanderbilt's program in drug discovery and others like it push the boundaries of traditional academic research.

Entrepreneurs In Academia

Chemistry professors start small businesses to catapult their research from lab to market.

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» Government & Policy

April 20, 2009

Managing Chemicals Worldwide

United Nations work is a top issue at industry gathering on chemical regulation.

What Should The Public Know?

Bayer, chemical board dispute over community access to accident data may be harbinger of battles to come.

Insights: Changing Policy

Online social-networking sites have influence on the political process.

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» Science & Technology

April 20, 2009

Main-Group Research Springs Ahead

Chemists retool s- and p-block compounds in hopes of widening their use in reaction chemistry.

New Products

New and notable in the chemical industry.

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