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RNA Interference
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Quote of the Week

"It's time for macrocycles to become more visible in drug discovery. More people should know about the power of this structural class."

September 7, 2009

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Cover Story

RNA Interference

Drug delivery has become a key factor in the competition to make drugs based on nature's gene-silencing pathway. (pp. 18-27)

ACS News

Election Statements

Candidates for ACS president-elect and directors share their views and goals. (pp. 75-88)


Nontraditional Pathways

Back-to-school supplement explores alternatives to the traditional college education experience. (pp. 91-99)

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Table of Contents

News Of The Week

New Approach To A Classic Structure DNA Nanostructures Huntsman To Buy Most Of Tronox Danaher Invests In Mass Spec

New Approach To A Classic Structure p. 12

Organic Chemistry: Oxidative ring-closing reaction boosts yield of key erythromycin precursor.

Khosla Grows Investment Funds p. 13

Cleantech: Venture capitalist has $1 billion to back new technology.

New Bond In Biology p. 13

Biochemistry: Sulfilimine connection toughens tissue.

Crystalline Wiggle Room p. 14

Host-Guest Mystery: Trapped molecules hint that crystals may not be as rigid as presumed.

DNA Nanostructures p. 14

DNA Scaffolds: Scientists attain long-sought goal of 3-D DNA crystals.

Huntsman To Buy Most Of Tronox p. 15

Acquisition: Deal will make Huntsman the world’s second largest maker of titanium dioxide.

Delay In Climate-Change Bill p. 15

Senate bill postponed for later in September.

Dainippon Takes Over Sepracor p. 16

Acquisition: The purchase gives Japanese firm key U.S. presence.

Danaher Invests In Mass Spec p. 16

Instrumentation: $1.1 billion deal brings AB Sciex and more.


Powerful Stuff pp. 32-34 (Member Content)

Materials get attention and funding in effort to create U.S. lithium battery industry .

Up From The Ashes pp. 36-37 (Member Content)

U.S. soda ash industry fights its way out of the recession.

Toray Taps China p. 38 (Member Content)

Japanese firm's plant in Beijing will produce high-technology water purification membranes.

Business Concentrates pp. 29-30 (Member Content)

  • Merck Sets New Structure

  • Merck & Co. has announced a reorganization plan, naming top managers for the five divisions that will be formed following the company’s acquisition of Schering-Plough...
  • Clariant Sells Its Silicones Business
  • Clariant has sold its specialty silicones business to GenNx360 Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused on industrial businesses. GenNx360 has renamed the business SiVance...
  • Bayer Wins Agchem Patent Suit In China
  • Bayer CropScience has won a lawsuit against two Chinese firms that it claims were infringing its patent on mefenpyr, a chemical that improves herbicide selectivity...
  • Invista Boosts Stake In Protective Wear
  • Invista will increase its investment in Ashburn Hill, a South Carolina-based manufacturer of fire-resistant apparel for firefighters and industrial workers...
  • Wyatt Technology Wins On Appeal
  • Instrument maker Wyatt Technology has won its appeal of a lawsuit against Viscotek relating to the theft of Proterion Corp. dynamic light-scattering technology that Wyatt acquired in late 2004...
  • EU Funds study of Nanoparticles
  • The European Union has awarded the University of Ulster’s Biomedical Sciences Institute a grant to investigate the link between nanoparticles and disease...
  • Archimica And Chemic Partner On APIs
  • Archimica and Chemic Laboratories have formed a partnership for the development and commercialization of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)...
  • Roche Takes Option To Buy Lonza Plant
  • Roche has exercised an option to buy Lonza’s cell culture biologic facility in Singapore. The price is $290 million plus milestone payments of $70 million...
  • TC Will Work With Roche And Celgene
  • PTC Therapeutics has signed a research and licensing agreement with Roche for the development of small molecules with PTC’s Gene Expression Modulation by Small-Molecules, or GEMS, technology...
  • Shantha Gets Vaccines Contracts
  • Shantha Biotechnics, part of Sanofi Pasteur, has been awarded $340 million in contracts from the United Nations to supply vaccines between 2010 and 2012...
  • Catalyst Gets Drug From Northwestern
  • Catalyst Pharmaceutical has paid Northwestern University an undisclosed sum for the rights to develop a novel class of GABA aminotransferase inhibitors and derivatives of vigabatrin...
  • Novartis Unveils New Lab Concept
  • Novartis has launched its Lab of the Future initiative to create laboratories with flexible work spaces, modular furniture, and integrated technologies...
  • Trubion, Facet Link For Leukemia Drug
  • Trubion Pharmaceuticals has partnered with Facet Biotech to commercialize TRU-016, a Trubion product in Phase I clinical trials for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia...
  • Business Roundup
  • Asahi Kasei, Mitsubishi Corp. and Belchim Management, Air Products & Chemicals, BPT, LyondellBasell Industries, TCG Lifesciences, Sanofi-Aventis, Bayer Schering Pharma...

ACS News

Election Statements pp. 75-88

Candidates for ACS president-elect and directors share their views and goals.

Government & Policy

An Inconclusive Record pp. 42-45 (Member Content)

How Sotomayor will act on Supreme Court cases affecting the chemical industry can't be gleaned from her prior rulings.

Risk And Opportunity pp. 46-48 (Member Content)

ACS Meeting News: Department of Homeland Security seeks innovation in antiterrorism technology.

Toxic Reduction p. 50 (Member Content)

Bayer plans to cut methyl isocyanate use, storage after deadly accident and investigations.

Government & Policy Concentrates p. 40 (Member Content)


Nontraditional Pathways p. 91

Back-to-school supplement explores alternatives to the traditional college education experience.

An Enriching Respite pp. 92-94

Gap-year experiences help students recharge, refocus.

Community Colleges pp. 95-96

In a down economy, these educational workhorses are a smart choice.

Learning Chemistry Online pp. 97-99

Despite a slow start, distance-learning of chemistry is gaining ground.

Continuing Education pp. 98-99

ACS online courses offer convenience for the working chemist.


The Age Of Wonder

Never-Ending Controversy pp. 72-74

Finding truth on both sides of the water fluoridation debate.

Science & Technology

Big Hopes Ride On Big Rings pp. 54-57 (Member Content)

ACS Meeting News: Constraining molecules in macrocyclic rings could help address challenges in drug discovery.

Nuclear Medicine's Conundrum pp. 58-64 (Member Content)

Another sudden shortage of technetium-99m calls for long-term solutions.

RNA's Outfits pp. 65-68 (Member Content)

The nucleic acid has dozens of chemical costumes.

Superresolution Imaging Goes 3-D pp. 69-71

ACS Meeting News: New microscopy techniques break the diffraction limit in three dimensions.

Science & Technology Concentrates pp. 52-53 (Member Content)

Editor's Page

Multitaskers—Give It A Rest p. 3

The Departments

Letters pp. 4-11 (Member Content)

Newscripts p. 112

Beetle Chemistry, Walking In Circles

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