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March 2001
Vol. 4, No. 3, pp 75
new product notes
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Sample Prep KitSample prep. Maestro Life Science Kits provide researchers with the essentials to clean up DNA preps before sequencing and other applications for which purity and reliability are required. Using size-exclusion membrane technology, these kits process simple protocols that eliminate lengthy bind and elute methods and centrifugation. All necessary reagents and materials are included, and each model provides high-yield DNA suitable for the most sensitive genetic research applications.

Refiner. The P-10 MiniZone Purifier requires no solvent selection, solvent removal, or column selection. Following setup, the unit operates automatically and uses the principle of multiple moving-zone recrystallization to purify chemicals. Disposable Teflon sample tubes are used to contain the sample during purification.
Design Scientific

Camera. Featuring versatility in a thermoelectrically cooled configuration, the 800 Series scientific imaging camera offers many configuration options. Using any size scientific CCD, the user can read through 1, 2, or 4 output ports simultaneously. A high-precision 16-bit digitizer is used for readout speeds of 100 kHz to 1 MHz, and a 15-bit digitizer is used at higher speeds.
Spectral Instruments 152

Detector. This ultrahigh-throughput screening system examines more than 100,000 test substances per day. Features include a multifunctional parallel detector for series production, and the ability to optically read measurement results of microtiter plates for 96, 384, or 1536 samples. Depending on the application, each system can consist of one workstation or a combination of several workstations.
Carl Zeiss 153

Western Blotting with Chemiluminescent SubstratesGuide. “Western Blotting with Chemiluminescent Substrates—A Handbook for Beginners, a Troubleshooting Guide for Pros” has been updated and expanded. This 32-page publication includes an introduction to Western blotting, help on choosing the appropriate enzyme and substrates for specific applications, abbreviated and full-length Western blotting protocols, and guidance on antibody concentration and blocking buffer optimization.
Pierce 154

Assay kit. The CoreHTS Glucocorticoid Receptor is designed for nonradioactive measurement of GR binding capacity by competition. Based on fluorescence polarization, the “mix and read” assay is homogeneous and performed in solution, making it ideal for high-throughput drug discovery screening of novel GR binding compounds. This assay uses highly active, partially purified baculovirus-expressed GR and Fluormone GS1, a proprietary fluorescent glucocorticoid ligand.
PanVera 155

Application brief. This note describes the rapid profiling of oncoproteins in tumor cells and demonstrates how HPLC columns identify and profile the proteins of whole-cell lysates for normal and semimalignant breast tumor cells. This separation process is a rapid alternative to 1-D and 2-D PAGE.
Eichrom Technologies 156

Steril GARD III Advanced Waste Disposal UnitSafety cabinet. Designed for use in the animal research laboratory, the Steril GARD III Advanced Waste Disposal Unit provides protection for personnel, animals, and the environment. The cabinet features an airflow management system, an electric–hydraulic lift for increased mobility in the laboratory, and an integrated waste-disposal receptacle with a flush-mounted cover for use in other biological safety cabinet applications.
Baker Company 157

Fact sheet. Single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs, are the most common form of DNA variation among individuals. This fact sheet describes the properties of SNPs, applicable technologies, and current research developments. SNPs are particularly well suited for genetic analysis studies because they are evenly spaced throughout the human genome and are much more frequent than other types of DNA differences.
Amersham Pharmacia 158

DNA purification system. The Wizard SV 96 allows the purification of up to 96 plasmid minipreps in less than 60 min. The procedure can be performed manually or adapted for use with automated instruments. The purified plasmid DNA is suitable for use in automated fluorescent sequencing using several different chemistries. Features include lysate clearing plates, which provide an alternative to centrifugation for removal of cellular material from bacterial lysates.
Promega 159

BioCoat assay platesAssay plates. BioCoat secondary antibody models are packaged with a choice of antimouse, antirabbit, or antihuman IgG-coated antibody. All plates are preblocked with a protease-free blocking agent and screened for low background. The microplates are used to ensure compatibility with many automated systems. Consistent coating characteristics reduce well-to-well variation.
BD Biosciences 160

bookletBooklet. This pharmaceutical application publication describes how the evaporative light-scattering detector (ELSD) can improve HPLC analyses of combinatorial libraries, antibiotics, steroids, nutraceuticals, polymers, carbohydrates, and lipids. The booklet also outlines ELSD detection principles and specifications.
Alltech 161

spectrometerSpectrometer. Designed for QA/QC measurements, service laboratories, and academic applications, the M2000 series combines full featured capability with experimental flexibility. This spectrometer comes in an economical package that features the M2000 bench, software, and a free sampling accessory. Other features include a choice of DTGS, MCT or dual detectors, and industry-standard Grams/32 software.

Microtiter plate. This modular, reusable system features a base plate capable of securing 0.5- and 1.5-mL conical glass and polypropylene vials. The vented design of the base plate assures uniform heating and cooling during immersion in a water bath. The cover locks the liner into place and prevents vial pullout. In addition, the prescored liner permits easy needle penetration, while the molded liner locks into each of the 96 vials and reseals after multiple injections.
BioTech Solutions

Software. The Origin graphing and analysis software is now available in a student version. This software has the same features as the original version, including the ability to import many data formats at a low price. Analysis features include linear and nonlinear curve fitting, baseline and peak analysis, and descriptive statistics.
OriginLab 164

Reagent. The TRI single-step method allows total RNA isolation. It is the only method available that offers simultaneous isolation of RNA, DNA, and protein from a single biological sample. RNA isolation takes less than 1 h, and DNA and protein isolations take less than 3 h.
Molecular Research Center 165

Dry-down evaporator. The Jet-Stream unit accelerates the concentration and dry-down of solid-phase extraction eluent, synthesized DNA samples, plasmid preparations, and sequenced products in a variety of 96-well formats.
Helix Scientific 166

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