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March1, 2001
Volume 4, No. 3
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Focus: Business/Economics
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Surviving the Tide of TrialsSurviving the Tide of Trials
Cullen T. Vogelson

Learning the ins and outs of clinical research doesn’t have to be experimental.
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Going Cellular
Mark S. Lesney

The use of encapsulated living cells provides added possibilities for complex therapeutics.
The Pricing Puzzle
Milton Zall
Prescription medicines play a leading role in health care, but a public debate rages over what these drugs should cost
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Content in Context
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News in Brief

For Your HealthFor Your Health
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Clinical Trials Track
The art and science of monitoring

Money Matters: Corporate
Planning a meeting with results

Patents and Property
A call for bounty hunters

The Tool BoxThe Tool Box
Sugar-coated combichem

The Time Line
Genetic ciphering

Sites and Software
XML: Data about data

Ready to Read
A history of Molecular Biology

New Product Notes

On the Calendar

Diseases and Disorders
Luckily, my dear, Rett gave a damn

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