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December 2000
Vol. 9, No. 12, pp. 48, 50–51.
Product Information

Reference. Designed for thermal calibration laboratories, these ice point reference instruments feature easy handling, stability (±0.02 °C), and accuracy (±0.05 °C). These models are used as a verification of the R0-value needed for calibrating Pt-100 sensors or as a 0 °C cold junction reference for thermocoupling systems.
Kaye Instruments 230

Tester. The Grabner Miniflash is available as a single place unit or with a built-in 8-position sample changer. Testers in low-, moderate-, and high-temperature versions are available to cover test ranges from –25 °C to 400 °C. The Miniflash has been approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation as an acceptable automatic flash point tester for classification of materials before transportation.
Petrolab 231

Refractometer. Designed to deliver accurate, repeatable results through automatic shadowline detection and interpretation, the ARIAS 500 automatic transmitted light model detects and makes precise shadowline interpretations. Variances caused by operator interpretation or unclear shadowlines are eliminated, and dual arrays determine the shadowline position. Six high-intensity, LED internal light sources provide bright, even illumination, making the ARIAS 500 suitable for all types of samples, including transparent, translucent, and semitranslucent liquids and solids.
Leica 232

Analyzers. Equipped with the Model 751 auxiliary furnace, these instruments allow users running the system as an inlet for heavy lube oils from boats to add a vertical furnace inlet for direct injection of lighter samples. These analyzers perform total nitrogen and/or total sulfur analyses in gas, liquid, or solid samples. Custom software provides data acquisition, analysis, and storage, as well as programming and control of the analyzer and accessories. A remote instrument option and real-time analysis support are available through a preconfigured modem.
Antek 233

Software. This mass spectrometer program automatically finds and displays all peaks through “find” and “deconvolution” algorithms. When users click on the chosen peak, the software automatically generates a complete mass spectrum, thus eliminating manual searching for hidden peaks. Complete automation continues through printing of the customized final report.
LECO 234

Antibody. The Anti-Luciferase pAb is a goat polyclonal designed for use in immunocytochemistry and Western blot analysis. This antibody specifically detects recombinant firefly luciferase and does not show cross-reactivity with Renilla luciferase. In addition, this antibody is a useful tool for detecting localized signal sequences and does not require the use of a luminometer.
Promega 235

Columns. Designed to deal with tough separation needs, these models are packed with a zirconia-based, reversed-phase packing material. Unlike silica, zirconia (zirconium dioxide—ZrO2) is stable over the entire pH range and at column temperatures as high as 200 °C. These benefits allow the columns increased range over chromatographic conditions and gives them increased durability as well as a reduced cost per analysis.
Jones Chromatography 236

Analyzers. Designed to meet the needs of most applications, this product line of laser diffraction particle-sized models features an advanced optical design that provides accurate and reliable data over the entire measurement range without the need for lens changes or realignments. These analyzers allow users to toggle between liquid and dry dispersion techniques with a mouse click.

Pumps. The Vogel series is an extension of the IC series ISO 5199 frame-mounted models. These pumps are designed to meet the needs of OEM applications and confined spaces in industrial processes. The range of pumps includes 25 different sizes, which are capable of lows to 450 m3/h (1980 GPM) and heads to 150 m (492 ft). In addition, these close-coupled, chemical-process pumps are suitable for service temperatures ranging from –40 °C to 140 °C and for operating pressures up to 16 bar (230 psi).
ITT Industries 238

Illuminator. The Fiber-Lite MI-150R is equipped for remote operation by microscopy users and is designed for users whose work requires zero vibration in the immediate environment. Intensity and on/off operation are controlled remotely by way of a cable, and the illuminator features a small footprint, a carrying handle, and a side door for quick lamp changes.
Dolan-Jenner 239

Tubes. SuperSpin microcentrifuge tubes incorporate a high-strength wall and can be reliably centrifuged. A special ultraclear polypropylene resin ensures a clear view of the pellet. The tubes have ergonomically designed, easy opening caps with smooth surfaces that help reduce the potential for repetitive strain injury. Each lot of tubes is lab-certified free from nuclease and endotoxin contamination and is FDA CFR 21 compliant.

Software. Prelude processes dilution, weighing, mixing, filtration, extraction, and other tasks for sample preparation. Multiple methods and product types can be set up and run in minutes with different output options, such as HPLC, UV, or off-line storage. Prelude is available with a wide range of accessories, such as sonication, the extended work platform, and a sample module for the automatic collection and storage of processed samples.
Zymark 241

Centrifuge. The Avanti J-20XP series combines high performance (26,000 rpm and 82,000 x g) with high capacity (up to 6 L) and features a high-torque SR (switch reluctance) brushless drive for fast acceleration and deceleration times. This series accommodates all Avanti J rotors and labware, including 1-L bottles, at forces up to 15,900 x g, as well as 50-mL tubes at 82,000 x g. The rotor system allows the centrifuge to spin 6 L in under 10 min.
Beckman Coulter 242

Spectrophotometers. Designed for nucleic acid and protein quantification, these instruments offer a wide range of functionality and specification, from simple colorimetric assays to stringent research. Each spectrophotometer features built-in application software, and the compact design is suitable for laboratory work. Applications for these spectrophotometers include the pharmaceutical, genetics, and biotechnology industries.
Amersham Pharmacia 243

Sensors. By combining compact mechanical design and mass production tooling concepts, the Mass Flo-Sensor models incorporate thermal gas flow technique with electronic circuitry to provide an output signal linearly proportional to gas flow rate. The instruments cover ranges from 0–20 mL/min to 0–500 L/min with accuracies of up to ±1.5%, full scale. The Model 50-D features a 3.5 digit LCD digital display meter to view flow rate in engineering units. A NIST-traceable calibration certificate is provided free of charge.
McMillan Company 244

Software. The ChemiImager 5500 features real-time display and Megapixel resolution technology. It is designed to document, archive, and analyze gels, films, membranes, and plates. Using proprietary technology to thermoelectrically cool the CCD camera to –35 °C, this software minimizes thermal noise in long time exposures. The ChemiImager is ideal for white-light applications, as well as for low-light applications such as chemiluminescence and fluorescence imaging.
Alpha Innotech Corporation 245

Resin. For use in high-performance architectural coatings, this line of fluoropolymer emulsions is formulated with Zeffle GK and can be factory or field applied. This resin is well suited for use on a broad range of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings and their components, including metal roofing, curtainwall panels, column covers, and mullions, in addition to copings, doors, trim, and railings. Zeffle GK resin-based coatings lend themselves to ambient-dried applications or touch-ups in the field.
Daikin America 246


Application Note. This guide describes how Versene food-grade EDTA chelating agents can be used to prevent trace metal reactions in food and beverage applications. When trace amounts of soluble copper, iron, and other metals react with food products, the flavor, quality, appeal, and shelf life can be affected. Versene agents inhibit unwanted metal-catalyzed reactions by forming complexes with metal ions and are used in a variety of food products, such as beverages, canned vegetables, seafood, and salad dressings.
Dow Chemical 247

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