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December 2000
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Focus: Chemical Safety and the Web
It’s a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World
But you can find a wealth of chemical safety information buried under the big WWW.
Mark S. Lesney
Its a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World
Spending on the Web—It's All Relational
E-commerce is taking off, but do we understand the databases behind the purchases?
Richard Kim
The 2000 Readers’ Choice Awards
Industrial chemists name the companies who serve them best.
to The Pharmaceutical Century
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For Openers
It's All on the Web
James F. Ryan
Feedback from our readers
News in brief:
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Internet, honors

A Sophisticated Star SearchComputers in Chemistry
A Sophisticated Star Search
Distributed computing uses idle PC time to support projects like SETI.
Charles Seiter

Instruments & Applications
Spectroscopy Ranges Far Afield
Portable FTIR helps scientists preserve art, including ancient handprints.
William Illsey Atkinson

Compliance and CompassionRegulations and You
Compliance and Compassion
The behaviors of the auditor and auditee can determine the success of the systematic review.
R. A. Kishore Nadkarni

The Chemist's Bookshelf
It's That Time Again!
Mark S. Lesney

Chemistry Chronicles
The Long Road to “Organic Glass”

A 1901 thesis and a lot of lab work culminated in clear methacrylate polymers.
David M. Kiefer

An Alzheimer's Epidemic?Health Perspectives
An Alzheimer’s Epidemic?
As the boomers age, the number of cases
is expected to triple.
Leela Holliman

Personal Business
Are Stock Options Getting Un-Bearable?
Market corrections and rising costs to employers imperil this form of compensation.
Milton Zall

Product Information
New products, literature, Web sites
Lighter Elements
Humorous tales from readers' labs and lives...plus a cartoon.
Meetings, conferences, and short courses
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Authors & Articles, Articles & Departments
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Selected ACS Resources
Reagent Chemicals, 9th Edition - Free through December 31, 2000.
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