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September 2001
Vol. 10, No. 09, pp 63–64, 66.
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Sample Prep. Combining heating, cooling, and mixing for maximum application versatility, the Thermomixer R provides simultaneous mixing and incubation that accelerates reaction processes and eases user workload. The expanded temperature range, from 13 °C below room temperature to 99 °C, allows for maximum flexibility, including low-temperature applications such as DNA ligations. Four interchangeable blocks provide the ability to accommodate 24 micro test tubes of 0.5-, 1.5-, and 2.0-mL volumes, as well as 96-well or other microplates. Numbered racks are autoclavable and freezer-safe, making processing and transporting samples convenient and easy.
Brinkmann Instruments 230

Circulator. With a temperature range from 90 to 150 °C, the FPW91-SP has full-range and proportional controlled cooling provided by a refrigeration system with semi-hermetic dual-stage compressors. This circulator provides more than 5200 watts of cooling power at 20 °C and 4000 watts at –40 °C, in addition to providing up to 6000 watts of heating power. This model also features a powerful pressure and suction pump system, temperature stability of ±0.05 °C, built-in programmer with timer, and digital/analog interfaces. The unit was designed for large reaction vessels and to compensate exothermic reactions quickly via an external Pt100 sensor.
Julabo 231

Diagnostic Bottles. Available in 5-, 10-, and 20-mL sizes, these products are compact and ready for off-the-shelf use, which minimizes the chance of cross-contamination and reduces cleaning costs. These diagnostic bottles are visually clear and sterile and are designed as storage and shipping containers for small-volume reagents. Each of the bottles and 20-mm colored, lined closures are biologically tested for pyrogens using an LAL gel clot method and are manufactured in a controlled environment to assure sterility to 10-6 SAL plus minimum possible contamination from airborne particles.
Nalgene 232

Sample Processing Station. The VacMaster-96 vacuum manifold provides a total solution for bioanalytical SPE, protein precipitation, purification following organic synthesis, and phase separation applications in combinatorial chemistry. This versatile system is compatible with both Isolute-96 and Isolute Array plates, as well as a wide range of other manufacturers’ extraction and collection plates.
International Sorbent Technology 233

Modular Dispersing System. A multifunctional system for scaling up from laboratory to production size, the LABOR-PILOT 2000/4 can be used for mixing, dispersing, or wet grinding. The unit can be easily converted for specific applications by switching between four different mixing head modules. In addition, this system can handle a flow capacity of up to 1.5 gpm and obtain tip speeds of 40 m/s. All the parts that come in contact with the product are made of stainless steel, and the unit is “clean-in-place” certified.
IKA Works 234

Refractometer. This handheld model provides a wide refractive index range with high resolution and accuracy. The AR200 has a state-of-the-art portable critical angle that measures refractive index or percent solids as Brix over the full range of 0–95% Brix (1.3300–1.5600 nD). Readings are displayed instantly on a direct reading LCD panel, and the unit’s software includes single-or multipoint calibration and four reading modes.
Leica 235

Autosampler. The MasterTech 052 increases sample throughput, improves reproducibility, and reduces operator time for particle size analysis. Operation of this autosampler is controlled by the instrument’s software with dispersion and redispersion information automatically stored in the sample file for future reference. In addition, the MasterTech features a powerful ultrasonic probe for the redispersion of samples.
Micrometrics 236

Spectrophotometer. Designed to facilitate global compliance requirements, this instrument includes comprehensive validation and 1.0-nm resolution. Built-in functions provide for fast and flexible experimentation. The spectrophotometer can be operated as a stand-alone instrument or PC-controlled with UV Probe 32-bit software. A complete line of UV sampling accessories is available to meet a wide variety of application requirements.
Shimadzu 237

HPLC Columns. Cogent columns are made with the company’s proprietary silicas and polymeric beads. In addition, these columns are offered in a wide range of sizes and feature Super-Link System hardware. Each column has a highly polished interior and provides improved chromatograms. Convenience is another feature; users do not need wrenches or other tools to install them on the instrument.
MicroSolv 238

IC System. The 811 Online model was designed to fill a void in the power, semiconductor, and other industries. This system is flexible, reliable, and extremely precise for the analysis of samples in a continuous flow situation. The design offers the choice between single- or independent dual-channel systems, each with 10 sample streams per channel, and is freestanding with no gases required for operation.
Metrohm-Peak 239

Mass Spectrometer. The TurboMass Gold Gas is a powerful detector with a speed and mass range that increases laboratory productivity and reduces laboratory costs. It features a 1–1200 Da mass range and a 105 dynamic range that affords users the performance necessary to execute difficult analyses in fields such as pharmaceutical and materials testing. This mass spectrometer can detect to the femtogram level and has selectable ionization capabilities.
PerkinElmer 240

syringesSyringes. Available in a wide range of sizes and models, applications for these models include gas, liquid, or high pressure sampling. The plunger tips are fabricated of PTFE, and the self-lubricating tip stays smooth for the life of the model. Syringe barrels up to 100 µL are hand-fabricated from high-quality borosilicate glass. The smooth bore prevents undue wear of the plunger tip and ensures a smooth, durable seal.
Valco Instruments 241

Analyzer Accessory. The Smart Endurance gives users the ability to run samples that were previously impossible to run with tradition ATR accessories. The diamond ATR crystal is virtually indestructible and can stand up to highly corrosive, caustic, intractable, or abrasive samples that might damage other ATR crystal materials. With the fail-safe pressure devices, this instrument provides uniform “point-to-point” contact and reduces the need for tedious sample positioning.
ThermoNicolet 242

Liquid Handling System. With the ability to automate microplate applications used in drug discovery, genomics, and proteomics, this system is flexible and automates a myriad of liquid handling and pipetting tasks. Because of the modular nature of the design, these systems can be custom-configured to meet a variety of application needs. This flexibility also makes the workstation easy to expand and modify as the user’s application palate changes.
ThermoOrion 243

Spectrometer. The IR300 FT-IR offers a complete package for users looking for ease of use and dependability at an economical price. It uses field-tested, high-quality components to ensure an extremely reliable system. The system’s compact design saves lab space and makes it easy to transport. The clamshell-style sample compartment door offers easy access to a full-sized sampling compartment, which is large enough to accept most industry-standard FT-IR accessories.
ThermoMattson 244

Gratings. Specifically designed for transmitting, this line offers simple optical design that is particularly beneficial in fixed applications such as spectrographs. The incident light is dispersed on the opposite side of the grating at a fixed angle. This line of blazed gratings was designed for optimum performance in the visible spectrum, offering different levels of dispersion.
Optometrics USA 245

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Software Catalog. Covering more than 2000 Windows-based products, this publication also features the Chemical Inventory System (CIS), which tracks chemicals, materials, and supplies in the laboratory. Also included are details on a range of software packages for laboratory applications such as MSDSs, document control, databases, instrument calibration and maintenance, safety training, and many others.
ChemSW 246

catalogueCatalog. Chiralizer Services features products designed for automating common tasks used in HPLC and LC-MS analyses. Products include the LC Spiderling automated column selection system, which automates method development and analysis of chiral (enantiomeric) separations. Other products include devices compatible with most manufacturers’ HPLC/LC-MS systems.
Chiralizer 247

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