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September 2001
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Focus: Liquid Chromatography

Chromatography data systems: On track, at speed
This year’s CDS offerings are more Web-enabled than ever before.

Terrance A. Rooney
System suitability for HPLC
On-line testing can ensure data quality in pharmaceutical assays.
Michael Dong, Roy Paul, and Lea Gershanov
Chromatography Supplement

to The Pharmaceutical Century
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For OpenersFor Openers
The story of chromatography

James F. Ryan

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News in brief:
Business, government, scitech, honors

Computers in ChemistryComputers in Chemistry
Bluetooth's saga

The wireless technology named for a Viking may soon conquer the realm of connectivity.
Hank Simon

Instruments & Applications
Proteins in the pot, nine eons old

Immunological analysis of ancient ceramics could fill gaps in prehistory.
David Bradley

Workplace Perspectives
Workplace PerspectivesPluses and minuses of variable pay

Innovations aim to align compensation with performance.
Milton Zall

Lighter Elements

Chemistry ChroniclesChemistry Chronicles
Sulfuric acid: Pumping up the volume
An 18th-century English physician’s “lead cathedrals” helped launch a chemical industry.
David M. Kiefer

Health Perspectives
Health PerspectivesAll substitutions allowed
Healthy eating may mean doing with other, instead of without.
Randall C. Willis

Industry Facts & Figures
Scientific publishing: An abstract portrait
Since 1960, the number of chemistry research papers in print has increased nearly sixfold.
David Filmore and Mark S. Lesney

Regulations and You
The arsenic argument
Regulations and You
The EPA and Congress debate the drinking water standard for an infamous carcinogen.
Roger A. Novak

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