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April 2002
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Focus: Pittsburgh Conference
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High-Tech Gumbo: The Technical Sessions
Generous portions of analytical techniques, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and antiterrorism devices
Nancy K. McGuire
Breakfast at Pittcon: 25 Years of Instruments and Inspiration
For a quarter century, Centcom Ltd. has served up a plateful of policy and pancakes for the elite of industry.
Mark S. Lesney
Pittcon 2002 Personal
Interviews and photos of conferees and exhibitors
Christen L. Brownlee

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For Openers
An Age of Relevance
James F. Ryan

Feedback from our readers

SciTECH Briefs and Business Bits

Computers in Chemistry
An Internet Gold Rush
Innovative companies are “prospecting” for solutions on the virtual frontier.
Michael J. Felton

ASMS Conference Preview

Instruments & Applications
Analyzing the Fat of the Sea(l)
Researchers are using GC to understand marine food chains and ecological issues.
Randall C. Willis

The Chemist’s Bookshelf
Deutsche Chemie
George B. Kauffman

Lighter Elements

Personal Business
Saving for College Expenses
Avoid paying too much tax on the money set aside for your offspring to get their education.
Milton Zall

Regulations and You
The Politics of Global Warming
Despite U.S. rejection, the world continues working on the Kyoto Protocol.
Roger A. Novak

Industry Facts & Figures
Business Stays Home
Since 9/11, companies are spending less on travel and trade shows.
David Filmore

Chemistry Chronicles
When the Industry Charged Ahead
In the 1890s, electrochemistry energized the growth of the chemical enterprise.
David M. Kiefer

Workplace Perspectives
Don’t Restrict Your Job Search
Relocation, family concerns top the list of obstacles.
John K. Borchardt

Product Information

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