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February 24, 2003
Volume 81, Number 08
CENEAR 81 08 p. 47
ISSN 0009-2347


Grants For Renewal Opportunities For Women

ACS announces the availability of Grants for Renewal Opportunities for Women (GROW). These grants are the first manifestation of the ACS PROGRESS Plan (C&EN, Oct. 15, 2001, page 39). PROGRESS stands for Partnerships, Reflection, Openness, Grants, Resources, Education, Site Visits, Successes. It is an ACS three-year pilot project to develop, test, and evaluate programs aimed at facilitating the full participation and advancement of women chemists and chemical engineers.

These new grants aim to support educational opportunities and will provide funding to women to pursue their own personal development plans. The grants are intended to enable women who have little or no access to financial support to enhance their professional development in their current jobs or to facilitate their advancement to better positions. The program accommodates various educational programs, such as short courses, certificate programs, and seminars.

Applicants must be ACS members and have been out of school for at least five years. All degree holders are eligible, including holders of associate's degrees. Completed applications must be received by March 14. Applicants will be notified by mail by March 24 if their applications have been approved. Approved applicants are eligible to be reimbursed up to $2,000 to cover the costs for one training course, travel, and child care. The course must be completed by Dec. 31. Approved applicants will receive a travel expense voucher that must be returned with receipts no later than two weeks after the training course is completed as well as a one-page evaluation form.

More information on these grants is available from Felicia Foxworth Dixon, Progress Project, GROW Grants, American Chemical Society, 1155--16th St., N.W., Washington, DC 20036. Phone (202) 872-6334, fax (202) 776-8003, or e-mail, and request an application packet.


Travel Awards For Chemists With Disabilities

The ACS Committee on Chemists with Disabilities has announced a new travel grant program that is open to all individuals with disabilities who are graduate students, undergraduate students, or postdoctoral researchers who wish to make presentations at scientific meetings. The intent of the grant is to help defray some of the costs associated with travel and lodging. The goal of the program is to promote presentation of scientific research by individuals with disabilities and provide motivated students with opportunities to build professional relationships through networking.

The deadline for applications is March 15 for meetings scheduled between July and Dec. 31. For more information, visit or contact Kathleen Thompson at (800) 227-5558 ext. 8072.


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