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October 11, 2010
Volume 88, Number 41
p. 47

Actions By The ACS Board Of Directors

Linda Wang

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During its meeting at the ACS national meeting in Boston in August, the ACS Board of Directors took the following actions:

On the recommendation of the ACS Board Committee on Grants & Awards, board members voted to approve nominations for the 2011 Perkin Medal and the National Science Board Public Service Award. The board also approved a new ACS award, the George & Christine Sosnovsky Award for Cancer Research (C&EN, Sept. 13, page 42).

On the recommendation of the Committee on Professional & Member Relations, the board voted to support the goals and targets developed by the Sustainability Stakeholders Steering Group and its component committees, and found the goals and targets consistent with the ACS Strategic Plan. The steering group promotes ACS sustainability leadership through facilitation, coordination, and communication among ACS stakeholders and members.

On the recommendation of the Society Committee on Budget & Finance (B&F), the board voted to approve an advance member registration fee of $355 for national meetings held in 2011. The board also considered three program funding requests and, on the recommendation of B&F, voted to take the following actions: to include funding for the ACS Global Research Experiences, Exchanges & Training program in the society’s 2011 proposed budget; to include funding for the State Government Affairs Program in the society’s 2011 proposed budget and 2012–13 forecast; and to include funding for a Division of Membership & Scientific Advancement department of professional education in the 2011 proposed budget and 2012–13 forecast, subject to annual review. The department of professional education request was treated as a new program request rather than a reauthorization because the focus of the program is being redirected to a customized electronic format.

On the recommendation of the ACS Governing Board for Publishing, the board voted to approve the reappointment of two journal editors and the appointment of a new editor.

Finally, ACS and Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (the German Chemical Society, GDCh) signed a memorandum of understanding (C&EN, Sept. 20, page 33) agreeing to a three-year collaboration with a strategic focus on communicating the value of chemistry to the general public and the role chemistry plays in addressing global challenges, as well as identifying and supporting other mutually beneficial services to ACS and GDCh.

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