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ACS National Meeting

234th ACS Fall National Meeting & Exposition


Couldn't make it to the Analytical Pavilion on August 21?
Download C&EN podcasts of the speakers at the pavilion

Meeting News

Roald Hoffmann: Chemist And Poet

The Poetry Of Roald Hoffman Podcast

Roald Hoffmann reads some of his poetry from the C&EN booth.

Introduction by C&EN Managing Editor Ivan Amato

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Podcast Low Bandwidth | High Bandwidth

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» C&EN blogs the ACS national meeting in Boston

Daily dispatches from the 234th National Meeting & Exposition in Boston,MA by C&EN reporters.

ACS Focuses On Biotech For Health In Boston

Many events were recorded and are available online.

Unique Enzyme Could Lead To Novel Antibiotics

Promiscuous transglutaminase in andrimid biosynthesis might yield improved analogs.

Nanotube Synthesis Emits Toxic By-Products

Evaluating small-scale processes could shed light on potential large-scale environmental issues.

Sulfate Extractor

Macrocycle excels at removing sulfate anion from nitrate-rich aqueous solutions

Tracking Wildlife With Chromatography

Bile acid profiles might give scientists a way to identify mountain lions

Improving Dialysis Membranes

Nanoporous alumina membrane mimics human kidneys better than current technology

Introduction by Rudy Baum, Editor-in-chief



Morning Keynote Address

"The Modern Pharmer: Analytical Technologies in Drug Discovery"

Dr. Adrienne A. Tymiak
Executive Director
Bioanalytical and Discovery Analytical Sciences
Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Case Study Presentations

Bruker: Susan K. Byram

PodcastIntroduction | Speech

Shimadzu Scientific: Curtis R. Campbell, Ph.D.

PodcastIntroduction | Speech

Applied Biosystems: Susan Leonard

PodcastIntroduction | Speech


Afternoon Keynote Address

"Analytical Challenges in Drug Discovery"

Dr. Guy T. Carter
Assistant Vice President
Chemical Technologies, Chemical & Screening Sciences
Wyeth Research

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Case Study Presentations

Bruker: Kim L. Colson, Ph.D.

PodcastIntroduction | Speech

Waters: Darcy Shave

PodcastIntroduction | Speech

Waters: Paul Lefebvre

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