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December 19, 2005

Business Concentrates

2005 Year In Review

Industry recovery continued in 2005, but it was hindered by high energy prices and disasters.

Finding Magic In Polymer R&D

Dutch Polymer Institute meeting spotlights research into new technology and applications.

Hovione InMacau

Pharmaceutical ingredient plant is an important part of firm's global network.

December 12, 2005

Business Concentrates

Sharing Drug Data

Research chemists and clinicians hammer out a 'bench-to-bedside' information support network.

Aiming For Number One

Planned cracker will place SABIC's European arm among region's top polyolefin makers.

December 5, 2005

Business Concentrates

Pharma Reformulates

Sales grew in the past year, but the pharmaceutical industry saw many major products come under fire and was challenged in moving new ones forward.

PerkinElmer Hones Life Sciences Plan

With sale of fluid sciences business under way, instrument maker focuses on life sciences.

Steady R&D For Agchem

Discovery and development account for half of spending by top crop protection chemical companies.

C&EN Talks With Agnes Varis

A champion for the generic drug industry deftly mixes business and Democratic politics.

November 28, 2005

Business Concentrates

Red Sun Matures

Contract manufacturers emphasize the need for greater process efficiency via breakthrough chemistry.

Profiting From Innovation

Research And Development leaders say they still have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to develop new products.

November 21, 2005

Business Concentrates

CPhI Promises A High-Tech Comeback

Contract manufacturers emphasize the need for greater process efficiency via breakthrough chemistry.


Europe Makes Manufacturing Compliance An Obligation.

Chemical Earnings Growth Slows

Hurricanes and high costs dampen third-quarter results for most U.S. firms.

Pfizer's Troubles Pull Down Drugmakers

Top U.S. company joins Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb in posting third-quarter sales declines.

Biotech Earnings Jump In Quarter

Genentech leads the biopharmaceutical sector to a strong third quarter.

An Industry Siesta Quarter

The chemical industry in Mexico is trying to recover from a major setback in development.

November 14, 2005

Business Concentrates

Shin-Etsu Reloaded

Plastics and silicon wafer giant spends billions in U.S. and Japan to bolster core businesses.

Specialty Chemicals

Clean Chemistry

Approaches abound for replacing perchloroethylene in dry cleanings.

Fresh Faces

The often-fickle consumer drives the market for cosmetics preservatives.

Staying Flexible

Phthalate ester plasticizers hold their own despite intense scrutiny.

Phthalate Assessed

New report by safety panel reinforces conclusions from five years ago.

November 7, 2005

Business Concentrates

Fertilizer Business

Prices and profits are increasing, but some worry that products have already peaked.

Barry Siadat

C&EN talks with Arsenal Capital's managing director about private equity's role in specialty chemicals.

October 31, 2005

Business Concentrates

U.S. Contract Research

Chemistry services firms try to maneuver in new global environment.

Asian Contract Research

Indian and Chinese firms enjoy flourishing business growth.

October 24, 2005

Business Concentrates

Fine Chemicals

European producers continue to roll with the punches.


New South African firm develops chiral biocatalysts.


Producers face chronic oversupply problems.

October 17, 2005

Business Concentrates

ElastomersBounce Back

Commodity synthetic rubber makers have been stretching profits because of improved sales, but are now strugglingwith high raw material prices.

Stretchable Plastics Continue To Expand

Ease of use and better processing boost acceptance of thermoplastic elastomers.

Within REACH

Debate on proposed regulations set to take place preoccupies chemical conference in Europe.

Third-Quarter Stocks

Chemical and pharmaceutical stock prices fell, while biotech share prices rose.

October 10, 2005

Business Concentrates

Czech Biotech

Changing atmosphere nourishes industry.

Genomics Gold Mine

LineaGen makes Utah population database available to drug researchers.

Investing in China

BASF and Sinopec open a huge chemical complex.

October 3, 2005

Business Concentrates

Shot In The Arm

Vaccines gain renewed importance in the pharmaceutical pipeline.


Global warming concerns threaten market for fluorocarbons.


Inspired by biology, start-up company offers new approaches to electronics manufacturing.


Despite dramatic industry growth last year, chemical prices and production show little growth this year.

September 26, 2005

Pollution In China

Violent villager uprisings over industrial pollution force China to face its environmental problems.

SOCMA Conference

Organization will drop The Responsible Care program in favor of its own initiative.

Traveling Exhibition

Art and alchemy will be the focus of a Chemical Heritage Foundation and Philadelphia Museum of Art show in 2009.

Business Concentrates

September 19, 2005

Business Concentrates

Growing Agchem R&D

Agrochemical researchers are maintaining their crop protection arsenals by using tools developed by the pharmaceutical industry.

Spore Wars

Study tracks economic benefits of using fungicides to combat ubiquitous pests.

Risking IP in China

International agrochemical companies boost their presence in China despite threat of piracy.

Symyx Technologies

Firm's audacious goal is to transform every step in the scientific experimentation process.

September 12, 2005

Business Concentrates

Spotlight On Polymers

Flat demand and high energy prices mark a setback versus a year ago, but producers believe a comeback looms.

Styrenics Maker Seeks Market Niche

ABS producers have taken hits from Asia and other polymers, but they still have a sizable business.


Firm focuses on "exclusive" manufacturing and advanced synthesis of pharmaceutical ingredients.

September 5, 2005

Diesel Fuel

Additive suppliers eye market in advance of new regulations next year.


Chinese private sector grows but hasn't shaken off state controls.

Business Concentrates

August 29, 2005


Powering a wave of new drug technologies is a resurgence of medicinal chemistry.

Bird Flu Drug

If an avian flu pandemic breaks out, Roche may not be able to meet the demand for its antiviral Tamiflu.

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August 22, 2005

Methane Hydrates

Potential source of natural gas is vast, but recovery poses major challenges.

Chemical Earnings

Solid growth continues in the second quarter.

Pharma Earnings

European drugmakers did better than their U.S. counterparts in the second quarter.

Biotech Earnings

The biotechnology industry's profitability improved sharply during the quarter.

Business Concentrates

August 15, 2005

Business Concentrates

August 8, 2005


Meeting highlights efforts to supply exotic materials for fast-growing markets.

Midwest Attraction

Cincinnati hopes to become a biotech hub.

Business Concentrates

August 1, 2005

High Fiber

Defense demands drive the ramp-up of high-performance fiber capacity.

European Pharma

Second-quarter results at four of Europe's major drugmakers are quite favorable.

Business Concentrates

July 25, 2005

Molecular Imaging

Firms integrate new imaging agents and technologies into their drug development efforts.


Robert Wood has high aspirations for his new firm, one of the largest specialty chemical companies in the U.S.

Chemical Brokers

Manufacturers' reps face many changes in the business of supplying chemicals to the pharmaceutical industry.

Business Concentrates

July 18, 2005

Global Top 50

Top three firms maintain positions as rising oil prices and globalization affect the world's chemical industry.

2nd-Quarter Stocks

Chemical stock prices generally fell, while pharmaceutical and biotech share prices rose.

Polypeptide Labs

Pharmaceutical chemicals firm carves a niche in peptide production.

Business Concentrates

July 11, 2005

Facts & Figures

Chemical industry data for 2004 show a significant turnaround for producers around the world, as production volumes increase.


Trade show gives new companies an opportunity to shine.

New Owner

Family-owned PQ Corp. is sold to JP Morgan, whose plan is to maximize growth and earnings.

Economic Expansion

Chemical firms at industry conference outline strategies for the future.

Business Concentrates

July 4, 2005

JSR Corp.

Electronic materials business helps Japanese synthetic rubber firm stay ahead.

Jack Gerard

C&EN talks with ACC?s new president and CEO.

Business Concentrates

June 27, 2005

Thinning Flat Panels

Materials suppliers are thrilled by the flat-panel industry's growth, but are under pressure to trim back on costs.

Gas Delivery

Arguing Over The Safety Of Fluorine.

Forging The Way To High-K Dielectrics

Numerous electronic chemical producers are ready to supply hafnium-based materials.

Ancillary Chemistry

High-K Dielectrics Require New Etching Techniques.

Data Storage In 3-D

Holographic data storage has made enormous technical advances, but still awaits a market.

Image Campaign

American Chemistry Council will try to improve public opinion about the chemical industry.

Air Liquide

French firm looks to extend its global R&D network.

Business Concentrates

June 20, 2005

Business Concentrates

June 13, 2005

Industry Philanthropy

Corporate citizenship efforts equal a win-win situation for communities and donors.


Annual survey of women in industry management positions shows mixed results.

Women At Work

Women's workplace presence has increased greatly in past 30 years, along with education level.

Sam Cohen

C&EN talks with low-profile chemical entrepreneur about his experiences and lessons learned.

Business Concentrates

June 6, 2005


Biogeneric drug firms position themselves to take advantage of patent expirations for lucrativebiologics, but obstacles abound.

Brand New

Chemical companies seek to define themselves through corporate branding.

Asian Petrochemicals

Feedstocks and slowdown in Chinese demand cast cloud over industry conference.

Business Concentrates

May 30, 2005

Rohm and Haas

CEO Raj Gupta explains company's strategy for achieving long-term prosperity.

Information Technology

Trade shows in Boston include SAP user meeting and biotech IT expo.

Agricultural Chemicals

Bayer CropScience takes lead position in the global crop science industry.

Business Concentrates

May 23, 2005

Chemical Results

Production of chemicals increased and chemical prices skyrocketed, contributing to solid first-quarter earnings growth.

Pharma Results

Most firms posted single-digit gains in sales and earnings, but some large firms saw double-digit gains.

BioPharma Results

A few large companies saw continued strong performance, but most small firms lost money.

Palladium Medal

Former BASF chairman J?rgen Strube is honored for contributions to his company and to the chemical industry.

Business Concentrates

May 16, 2005

Top 50 U.S. Chemical Producers

Sales and operating profits rose dramatically in 2004 for most companies; Dow again leads the ranking.


A changing chemical industry prompts pan-European trade group to restructure.


Performance-polymers producer makes its third go as a publicly owned firm.

Business Concentrates

May 9, 2005

Information Technology

Rapid development of software and new uses of the Web in business have brought the industry to the point of a generational change in IT.

Unique Company

Private ownership gives Wacker-Chemie the flexibility to make big investments.


Bayer spin-off aims to restructure in light of its loss-making businesses.

Business Concentrates

May 2, 2005


The future of nanotech-related firms is brighter than it has been in years past, but venture capitalists still wait for a return on their investments.

Contract Manufacturing

India's Jubilant Organosys focuses on serving other firms in the agro and drug sectors.


Get ready to lose the war over ownership on the Web.

Business Concentrates

April 25, 2005

Going Public

Huntsman's initial public offering of stock was a success--now the firm is paying off its debts.

Birthday Bash

Chemist and entrepreneur A. V. Rama Rao celebrates with a three-day chemistry symposium.

Cytec Coatings

Ben Van Assche is the force behind firm's enlarged surface specialties unit.

Business Concentrates

April 18, 2005

Specialty Chemicals

Companies reassess their R&D operations and adopt new strategies for managing their specialty portfolios.

1st-Quarter Stocks

Chemical performance improved while drug and biotech indexes fell.

Petrochemical Meeting

Annual event focused on long-term concerns.

Business Concentrates

April 11, 2005


Manufacturers are frustrated by FDA's slow turnaround times for product approvals and UV-A testing protocols.

New Business Model

Solvias shifts its developmental focus to chiral chemistry and catalysis.

Chemical Industry Productivity

Output per workhour increased in 2004, outpacing that of last year.

Business Concentrates

April 4, 2005

Pharma Outsourcing

Three case studies of relationships show how firms respond to constant change in the biotech industry.

Nicholas Piramal

Indian drug firm emphasizes custom manufacturing over generics.

Singapore Development

Island nation is working to attract more multinational chemical firms.


In flaunting its 2004 record income, ExxonMobil showcases the integration of its chemical operations.

Business Concentrates

March 28, 2005

New Jersey

Overseas fine chemicals companies find the Garden State is a solid base for their U.S. expansions.

Bruker Companies

Firms may share a name and family shareholders, but they have distinct focuses and outlooks.

Business Concentrates

March 21, 2005


North American producers bounce back from tough times, the Middle East commits to expanding its global role, and Asia becomes an attractive place to build.

Pharma Earnings

European drugmakers outpaced the U.S. in 2004.

Biotech Earnings

Companies averaged double-digit sales and earnings growth.

European Earnings

European chemical firms enjoyed a strong comeback last year.

Business Concentrates

March 14, 2005

Peptide Drugs

Peptides' activity and specificity are pluses, but high R&D costs and difficult scalability remain hurdles.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Financial buyers lost traction in 2004.

Indian Pharma

India faces limitations as an emerging supplier of pharmaceutical materials and services.

Business Concentrates

March 7, 2005

Patent Rights

Court decisions force Japanese firms to reassess compensation policies for inventive employees.

DSM Revamp

Firm's portfolio transformation program wraps up on a positive note.

Edwin Moses

C&EN talks with European biotech leader about his move to a nonexecutive role.


Fundamental reasons exist for excluding one-time items from company earnings.

Business Concentrates

February 28, 2005

Pharmaceutical Business

Big pharma reorganizes clinical trials with high-tech tools and streamlined business processes.

Chemical Earnings

Chemical companies sampled by C&EN finish fifth straight quarter of above-40% earnings increases.

Polyactic Acid

High hopes for commodity polymer derived from corn didn't pan out, but appeal is expected to grow.

Business Concentrates

February 21, 2005


Company's acquisition of specialty chemical maker Noveon looks like a winner.

Glycerin Woes

Flood of biodiesel by-product glycerin worries oleochemical firms.

Japan and the Midwest

After Japanese trade organization helps to forge a biotech alliance with the Midwest.

Business Concentrates

February 14, 2005

Air Products in Asia

Firm seeks to expand while emphasizing safety and ethics.

U.K.'s Millbrook

Up-and-coming instrumentation firm carves out a niche in nanometrology.

Disability Lawsuit

After Anthony Czarnik was terminated for clinical depression, he sued the company he had cofounded, and won.

Business Concentrates

February 7, 2005

Chemical Spending

Firms are considering investments in capacity and equipment, as well as a boost to R&D budgets.

Informex Review

Life sciences present a challenge that contract chemistry and service firms are ready to meet.


Huge swings in chemical trade require an explanation.

Business Concentrates

January 31, 2005


India is on the fast track to becoming a global player in the field.

Fuel-Cell Materials

Developers of proton-exchange membranes say their progress is enabling an automotive revolution.

Business Concentrates

January 24, 2005

Soaps & Detergents

Firms look for ways to enhance premium products and to adapt their cleaning chemistries to less expensive products sold in the developing world.

Fine Chemicals

France's PCAS hopes to become a contender in the global active pharmaceutical ingredients market.

Business Concentrates

January 17, 2005

Custom Chemicals

Recent painful adjustments have changed the way custom synthesis providers view the marketplace.

Altana Chemie

German company wants to be a leading specialty player in growing niche markets.

Fourth-Quarter Stocks

Chemical stocks performed well in 2004, but biotech and drug sectors lagged behind overall market.

Business Concentrates

January 10, 2005

Business Concentrates

World Chemical Outlook

Global chemical industry continues the economic expansion started in 2004: The U.S., Canada, Asia, and Latin America see strong demand and increasing profits, but Europe's chemical industry lags behind.

January 3, 2005

Business Concentrates


New CEO champions ambitious reorganization.

BASF Agreement

Plans are under way to ensure competitiveness of operations at headquarters site.

Start-Up Philanthropy

Amyris Biotechnologies focuses its energies on a nonprofit venture to develop a malaria drug.

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