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March 15, 2010 Cover, Vol. 88, Issue 11

March 15, 2010 Cover, Vol. 88, Issue 11

Pharma Outsourcing

Three case studies illustrate how drug development partnerships persevere through economic ups and downs. (pp. 15-27)

COVER: iStock/C&EN

Pharma Outsourcing p. 15

Relationships between drug companies and chemistry outsourcing partners can span years, even decades.

Patently Right Process Chemistry pp. 16-19

Case Study #1: Cytokinetics turns to Irix for help with a tough synthesis.

Loyal Steward Of A Small Molecule pp. 21-23

Case Study #2: For over 25 years, Regis has supplied 4-aminopyridine to successive stakeholders for a new multiple sclerosis drug.

More Than A Supplier pp. 25-27

Case Study #3: BioVectra seeks greater returns by partnering with Taxolog and Sandoz on a generic cancer drug.

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