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November 1, 2010 Cover, Vol. 88, Issue 44

November 1, 2010 Cover, Vol. 88, Issue 44

Employment Outlook

Hiring returns, but slowly, cautiously; lab managers talk about career opportunities, rewards; mentoring is vital to success. (pp. 37-47)

COVER: Illustration by Leon Zernitsky

Hint Of Hope p. 37

Job outlook for 2011 will likely be similar to 2010's, perhaps even slightly better.

Cautiously Optimistic pp. 38-42

In the wake of the recession, employers are poised to slowly and selectively hire.

Making Labs Work Magically Well p. 43-45

Lab and stockroom managers have essential jobs with diverse responsibilities.

Wanted: Role Models pp. 46-47

Mentors can help women scientists of color achieve success in their careers.

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