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December 24, 2007

Cover Story: 2007 Chemistry Highlights

This year's selections include numerous advances in structural analysis

December 17, 2007

Cover Story: The Costs Of Biofuels

Two views on whether corn ethanol and, eventually, ethanol from cellulosic biomass will efficiently deliver national energy security

December 10, 2007

Cover Story: Science Diet

The maturing field of metabolomics is taking steps toward guiding personalized nutrition

December 3, 2007

Cover Story: Pharma Adapts

Firms invent new strategies to deflect generic competition and stem growing safety concerns

December 3, 2007

Cover Story: Drug Companies Cut Costs

In the midst of rapidly changing global markets, firms aggressively reduce spending to protect profitability

December 3, 2007

Cover Story: Empowering FDA

A new law gives more powers to the regulatory agency and will impact the drug industry for years

November 26, 2007

Cover Story: Shopping The World

Faced with low-cost competition from Indian and Chinese newcomers, established contract research firms elsewhere reach for the scientific high ground

November 19, 2007

Cover Story: Suits and Lab Coats

Industry draws on academic know-how to help develop specialty chemicals and other new materials

November 12, 2007

Cover Story: Championing Translation

NIH offers essential services to help chemists move promising treatments to clinical trials

November 5, 2007

Cover Story: Job Market Dynamics

More recruiters on campus are a sign that 2008 will be a good year for new chemistry graduates

Job Market Gathers Strength

Company growth plus retirements are fueling increased hiring, especially for chemical engineers

Cultural Chameleons

For foreign-born job seekers, cultural awareness is the first step toward a successful career

From Bench To Management

Knowing what might lie ahead can ease the transition from the lab to the corporate ladder

Making The Industry-To-Academia Shift

Successful candidates tout their distinctive skill sets

Chairs Of Academic Search Committees Weigh In On Industrial Scientists' Prospects

When recruiting to fill academic positions, industrial scientists are not only considered, they are frequently hired

October 29, 2007

Cover Story: Reining In Ripening

Researchers are learning to control key biochemical processes that affect the quality of fruits and vegetables

October 22, 2007

Cover Story: Chemistry Behind Bars

While balancing equations, inmates at San Quentin learn to balance their lives

October 15, 2007

Cover Story: From Refuse To Reuse

To keep growing, the plastics recycling industry needs more feedstock from cities and their residents

October 8, 2007

Cover Story: Taking Mass Spec Into The Open

Open-air ionization methods minimize sample prep and widen range of mass spectrometry applications

October 1, 2007

Cover Story: The Big Picture

Drug firms forge an information management architecture to take on the research data glut

The Semantic Web

Pharma Researchers Adopt An Orphan Internet Standard

Target Practice

Software and database vendors aim to supply researchers with tools to extract quality from quantity

Electronic Lab Notebooks

Software and database vendors aim to supply researchers with tools to extract quality from quantity.

September 24, 2007

Cover Story: Taking Down TB

Even with tools to diagnose, treat, and prevent tuberculosis, the disease remains a significant public health and R&D challenge

TB Vaccines May Offer A Needed Boost

New tuberculosis vaccine candidates advance into clinical testing.

TB Diagnosis: Murky

Difficulties in identifying, classifying tuberculosis drive development of new diagnostics.

September 17, 2007

Cover Story: A Chemist In Charge

Marye Anne Fox, chancellor of UC San Diego, reflects on the challenges of leading a top-tier research university.

Big-Time Painting

The market demands paints and resins that durably protect the infrastructure yet are easy to use.

September 10, 2007

Cover Story: Mimicking Biological Systems

Control of the chemistry and physics of cell-populated microenvironments reveals new biology.

September 3, 2007

Cover Story: Hold That Thought

Slowly but surely, scientists are unveiling the complex chemical underpinnings of memory.

Molecules For Memory

Brainy mice and mice with mental deficits reveal reasons for the differences between good and poor memory.

The Well-Endowed Mind

Several companies are developing compounds that improve memory, but ethical issues abound.

Memory At Its Worst

Emotional memory gone awry leads to posttraumatic stress disorder.

Sleep Anchors Memory

Aided by dramatic swings in neurochemicals, different stages of sleep help preserve different types of memory.

August 27, 2007

Cover Story: Tapping The Sun

Basic chemistry drives development of new low-cost solar cells.

August 20, 2007

Cover Story: One Pill, Many Uses

Small molecules blocking the Met receptor could have an impact on a wide range of cancers.

The Long Road

Scientists worked for years to unravel Met's role in cancer.

Big Biotechs Take Antibody Approach To Blocking Met Receptor

Scientists worked for years to unravel Met's role in cancer.

August 13, 2007

Cover Story: Molecules That Could Be

Calculations reveal stable but imaginary molecules that push the limits of what chemists know of chemical bonding.

August 6, 2007

Cover Story: Centering On Chirality

Chemists are finding asymmetric synthesis increasingly handy for making pharmaceutical compounds at large scale.

New Horizons Along Asymmetric Routes

Academic researchers describe new synthetic approaches at Chiral Chemistry meeting.

July 30, 2007

Cover Story: Sugar Medicine

Researchers are finding drug leads as they tease out pathways of cellular glycosylation.

July 23, 2007

Cover Story: Global Top 50

Dow, BASF again claim top two spots in C&EN???s ranking, but fast-growing Ineos leaps into top five.

July 16, 2007

Cover Story: Building Green

Energy-efficient homes, offices, and labs save money and cut CO2, but require a sea change in values for many Americans.

July 9, 2007

Cover Story: Materials In Motion

The electronics industry's move to next-generation computer chips is challenging the ingenuity of chemical suppliers.

Risky Business

Recession and rapid rebound in flat-panel display business throw raw material suppliers into a tizzy.

Tuning In

Printed RFID tags aren't ready for ubiquity, but niche applications are within reach.

July 2, 2007

Cover Story: Facts & Figures Of The Chemical Industry

2006 was a good year for the chemical industry.
FinancesAdobe PDF (C&EN, pp. 30-50)
EmploymentAdobe PDF (C&EN, pp. 51-54)
ProductionAdobe PDF (C&EN, pp. 55-64)
TradeAdobe PDF (C&EN, pp. 65-68)

June 25, 2007

Cover Story: Biofuel Bonanza

Brazil has become a model and an ally for the U.S. in the pursuit of sustainable bioethanol, biodiesel, and bioelectricity.

June 18, 2007

Cover Story: Form And Function

The choice of pharmaceutical crystalline form can be used to optimize drug properties, and cocrystals are emerging as new alternatives.

War Of The Words

Dispute Over Crystal Structure Nomenclature Takes Center Stage.

Solid-State Services

Specialized companies help drug developers find crystalline forms with the right properties.

June 11, 2007

Special Issue: CAS at 100

A Century of CAS

For 100 years, the Chemical Abstracts Service has kept the world's scientists abreast of chemical advances.

CAS Surveys Its First 100 Years

As it enters its second century, Chemical Abstracts Service continues its tradition of innovation.

The Incredible Vastness of Data

In the hands of CAS, a morass of data points ends up telling epic research stories, page by page.

At The Cusp Of A New Century

Chemical Abstracts Service adapts to change and continues its mission as it enters its second century.

The Faces of CAS: Past and Present

CAS Timeline

Counterfeiting Countermeasures

Chemistry could play a major role in future deterrents against currency fraud.

June 4, 2007

Cover Story: Peeking Into Live Cells

Fluorescent imaging of single molecules in live cells uncovers details of gene expression, structural proteins, and molecular motors.

Zooming In

Super-resolution Techniques On The Horizon.

May 28, 2007

Cover Story: Ascent Of Quadruplexes

Nucleic acid structures become promising drug targets.

May 21, 2007

Cover Story: The Indian Advantage

Major drug companies in the West are expanding their research programs in India.

Chinese Fine Chemicals Makers Discover How To Sell In India

May 14, 2007

Cover Story: Ushering Cosmetics to the Right Spots

Ingredient makers are developing sophisticated encapsulation systems to deliver their actives to skin and hair.

May 7, 2007

Cover Story: Sowing Seeds Of Cures

As venture capitalists' priorities shift, venture philanthropists fill the gap in funding of drug discovery by biotechs.

Thinking Outside The Big Pharma Box

Novartis Option Fund takes the traditional corporate approach to investing in early-stage research to a new level.

Using Satellite Companies, Isis Broadens Its Pipeline Without The Financial Risk

April 30, 2007

Cover Story: What Can We Do With Carbon Dioxide?

Scientists are trying to find ways to convert the plentiful greenhouse gas into fuels and other value-added products.

Greenhouse Gases

Running the numbers on CO2 emissions.

April 23, 2007

Cover Story: Keeping It Clean

The chemical industry is finding ways to secure and expand global water supplies.

Filtering Out the Bad Stuff

Polymeric membranes are increasingly being used to clean up water for drinking and industrial applications.

April 16, 2007

Cover Story: Separations Science

Molecular-beam methods and novel electrodes simplify analysis of mixtures.

Understanding Nanotechnology

For effective rules and regulations to be set, science must play a key role.

Bisphenol A On Trial

Only an unbiased panel with appropriate expertise can resolve apparently conflicting results of health studies.

April 9, 2007

Cover Story: Building Up Nanotech Research

Investments in centers and institutes underpin interdisciplinary efforts

What Are We Getting For The Money?

Assessing a return on investment in nanotechnology proves difficult.

Arsenic In Chicken Production

A common feed additive adds arsenic to human food and endangers water supplies.

April 2, 2007

Cover Story: Pharma Outsourcing

Custom manufacturers are increasingly getting nontraditional chemistry challenges from their drug company partners

A Transatlantic Polymeric Solution

Case Study #1: Helped by a German custom synthesis firm, a U.S. biotech start-up tackles kidney ailment with a specialty polymer.

Delivering RNA

Case Study #2: Two firms partner to make the active ingredient and a delivery component of a cancer therapy.

Canadian Chemistry

Case Study #3: A query about a basic supply relationship evolves into a complex manufacturing pact.

March 26, 2007

Cover Story: Revolutions in Chemistry Introduction

Revolutions In Chemistry

Priestley Medalist George M. Whitesides' address.

Always On The Move

George M. Whitesides, this year's Priestley Medalist, has influenced academia, government, and industry.

March 19, 2007

Cover Story: Pittcon 2007

Despite angry weather, annual conference's registration grows.

Improving Diagnosis Of Tropical Diseases

Conditions in resource-limited countries pose unique challenges to developing affordable diagnostics.

Moving Raman to the UV Range

Spectroscopic method offers large signal enhancements but until now was expensive and complicated.

New and notable at Pittcon

Instrumentation, software, and more.

Pittcon Awards 2007

Researchers were honored for achievements in analytical chemistry and spectroscopy.

March 12, 2007

Cover Story: China Strides Toward Global Pharma Role

Better funded and infused with returning expatriates trained overseas, China's pharmaceutical industry is gaining strength.

March 5, 2007

Cover Story: Chemistry In The Holy Land

Having to contend constantly with political turmoil distinguishes researchers in Israel from those in the West.

Shekels For Science In Israel

Modest government funds and private donations support basic science research.

On The Go In Israel

A C&EN reporter's travel notes from a fast-paced tour.

February 26, 2007

Cover Story: Living On The Edge

Drugs targeting the protein Hsp90 push already unstable cancer cells to the brink.

Drug Designer

Infinity Scientist Lends Credibility To The Hsp90 Pursuit.

February 19, 2007

Cover Story: Protein Factory Reveals Its Secrets

Researchers picture and poke the ribosome to learn how it works

February 12, 2007

Cover Story: For Better Or Worse

Custom chemical manufacturers face roadblocks to prosperity in a shifting landscape of suppliers and pharmaceutical customers

Making Metathesis Work

Commercially available metathesis catalysts may help a powerful synthesis tool move into drug manufacturing

Drug Production

Boehringer Ingelheim Blazes Trail In Scaling Up Metathesis Reaction

Dustup Over Pavement Coatings

Texas city tracks stream pollution to sealant, then bans coal-tar-based coating

February 5, 2007

Cover Story: Competitive Intelligence

Chemical firms plan a 7.6% boost in capital spending but forecast an R&D increase of just 5.8%

NASA Gets Ready To Revisit The Moon

Agency sets groundwork for human lunar outpost, but leaves cost and science objectives up in the air

January 29, 2007

Cover Story: Going Green

Pushed by Wal-Mart, legislators, and the public, the cleaning products industry embraces sustainability

Natural Versus Synthetic

Oleochemical And Petrochemical Makers Square Off

Special Delivery

Getting fragrance onto clothes presents a challenge for detergent companies and their suppliers

January 22, 2007

Cover Story: Breaking Down Barriers

Drugmakers are paving the way to more streamlined manufacturing via culture change in R&D

January 15, 2007

Cover Story: Taming Stem Cells

Researchers are defining the chemical preferences of stem cells and figuring out what keeps them eternal and what destines them to a differentiated fate


Congress Targets Expanded Federal Policy

Reducing Animal Testing Using Stem Cells

Stem cells may provide a complementary alternative to animals as in vitro models of disease and for toxicological testing

Getting To The Root Of Cancer

The dark side of stem cells is initiating a revolution in cancer research

Claims Under Fire

The future of embryonic stem cell research in the U.S. may hinge on the current review of key patents

Rolling Out Stem Cells

Industry aims to capitalize on the promise of these potent cells

January 8, 2007

Cover Story: World Chemical Outlook

United States

Analysts view 2007 with duarded optimism as some industry fundamentals weakened at year-end 2006


Industry mulls opportunity for new feedstock sources

Latin America

Ample resources and strong demand spur construction projects


Industry is set for modest slowdown after good year in 2006


Economic boom continues, but forecasts reflect concern

January 1, 2007

Cover Story: Chemistry At A Crossroads

Reigniting our commitment to science and technology: Education, collaboration, and innovation!

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