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October 4, 2010
Volume 88, Number 40
pp. 49 - 54

Pacifichem 2010

International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, Dec. 15–20

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Latest News

October 28, 2011

Speedy Homemade-Explosive Detector

Forensic Chemistry: A new method could increase the number of explosives detected by airport screeners.

Solar Panel Makers Cry Foul

Trade: U.S. companies complain of market dumping by China.

Novartis To Cut 2,000 Jobs

Layoffs follow similar moves by Amgen, AstraZeneca.

Nations Break Impasse On Waste

Environment: Ban to halt export of hazardous waste to developing world.

New Leader For Lawrence Livermore

Penrose (Parney) Albright will direct DOE national lab.

Hair Reveals Source Of People's Exposure To Mercury

Toxic Exposure: Mercury isotopes in human hair illuminate dietary and industrial sources.

Why The Long Fat?

Cancer Biochemistry: Mass spectrometry follows the metabolism of very long fatty acids in cancer cells.

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The 2010 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies is the sixth in the series of successful Pacifichem congresses that began in 1984. To be held in Honolulu on Dec. 15–20, Pacifichem 2010’s theme is “Chemistry, Technology, and Our Global Society.” Pacifichem’s vision is to promote scientific exchange in the Pacific Basin for a healthy and sustainable future.

The conference is sponsored jointly by the American Chemical Society (ACS), the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), the Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ), the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry (NZIC), the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), the Korean Chemical Society (KCS), and the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS). The Canadian Society for Chemistry is the host society for Pacifichem 2010. Howard Alper, University of Ottawa, is the chair of the congress. Peter Stang, University of Utah, and Kazuyuki Tatsumi, Nagoya University, are the two congress vice chairs, representing ACS and CSJ, respectively.

The technical program is organized into topical areas. They are analytical chemistry; inorganic chemistry; macromolecular chemistry; organic chemistry; physical chemistry; theoretical and computational chemistry; agrochemistry; biological chemistry; environmental chemistry; materials and nanotechnology; alternative energy technology; chemistry outreach to the community; health and technology; and, security. More than 13,000 papers will be presented in 1,096 oral and poster technical sessions.

Pacifichem 2010 will also feature an exposition with displays by more than 50 organizations. Located in the Coral Ballroom and Foyer of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Conference Center, the exposition will be held Thursday, Dec. 16, through Saturday, Dec. 18. It will be open on Thursday and Friday from 11 AM to 5 PM, and on Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM.

Official Participating Organizations

Canada: Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering

China: Chemical Society located in Taipei; Hong Kong Chemical Society

Costa Rica: Colegio de Químicos de Costa Rica

Fiji: Chemical Society of the South Pacific

India: Indian Chemical Society

Japan: Catalysis Society of Japan; Ceramic Society of Japan; Electrochemical Society of Japan; Imaging Society of Japan; Japan Explosives Society; Japan Institute of Energy; Japan Oil Chemists’ Society; Japan Petroleum Institute; Japan Photochemistry Association; Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry; Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology & Agrochemistry; Japan Society for Environmental Chemistry; Japan Society of Applied Physics; Japan Society of Corrosion Engineering; Japan Wood Research Society; Japanese Society for Chemical Regulation of Plants; Japanese Society for Food Science & Technology; Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research; Japanese Society of Nutrition & Food Science; Pharmaceutical Society of Japan; Rare Earth Society of Japan; Society for Biotechnology, Japan; Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan; Society of Environmental Science, Japan; Society of Fiber Science & Technology, Japan; Society of Polymer Science, Japan; Society of Rubber Industry, Japan; Society of Sea Water Science, Japan; Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan; Surface Finishing Society of Japan

Malaysia: Institut Kimia Malaysia

Mexico: Sociedad Polimérica de México

Nation of Brunei: Brunei Darussalam Institute of Chemistry

New Guinea: Institute of Chemists, Papua New Guinea

Russia: Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society

Singapore: Singapore National Institute of Chemistry

Thailand: Chemical Society of Thailand

U.S.: Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), International Ultraviolet Association


All delegates must register in order to attend the congress and technical sessions. Early registration closes on Nov. 1. Registration fees will increase after this date. The registration fee includes the opening ceremony, the Pacifichem Lecture and reception, attendance at the technical sessions and exposition, use of the shuttle bus service, and use of the Pacifichem Meeting Mail/Internet Cafés. Members of the sponsoring and official participating societies receive discounts on their registration fee.

Meeting Mail

Computer terminals with Internet connections will be located at the Hilton Hawaiian Village (Coral 3), Sheraton Waikiki (second floor Ballroom foyer); Hawaii Convention Center (third floor).

Registration Procedures. Prior to Nov. 1, registration can be done in one of four ways: Internet, www.pacifichem.org; phone, (508) 743-0192; fax (508) 759-4552; or mail, Pacifichem 2010, c/o Convention Data Services, 107 Waterhouse Rd., Bourne, MA 02532, USA.

After Nov. 1, registration fees will increase and only Internet registration will be available. Registration credentials (badge and receipt) will be mailed to attendees from the U.S. and Canada who register prior to Nov. 1. Please allow at least four weeks to process requests. All other registrants will need to pick up their registration credentials on-site at one of the registration areas located at the Hawaii Convention Center, the Sheraton Waikiki, and the Hilton Hawaiian Village Conference Center. Pacifichem 2010 program booklets will be available on-site in the registration areas.

On-Site Registration. Attendees may also register on-site. There will be three registration locations: the Hawaii Convention Center (main lobby), the Hilton Hawaiian Village (Coral Lounge), and the Sheraton Waikiki (Ballroom foyer, 2nd floor). For your convenience, on-site program booklets and badge cases will be located in all the registration areas. Registration hours are Tuesday, Dec. 14, 3–7 PM; Wednesday, Dec. 15, 7 AM–7 PM; Thursday, Dec. 16, through Sunday, Dec. 19, 7 AM–5 PM; and Monday, Dec. 20, 7–11 AM.


Pacifichem 2010 has contracted a wide selection of hotel rooms in Honolulu with competitive rates. All attendees who book their room through the official housing bureau will receive complimentary Internet access in their sleeping rooms. The Housing Connection has been selected as the official housing bureau for Pacifichem 2010. The congress does not endorse booking hotel reservations through any other sources. To book your room, or for more information, please visit the Pacifichem website, www.pacifichem.org.

Shuttle Services. Complimentary shuttle service will be provided between the Hawaii Convention Center and Pacifichem official hotels. Shuttles will operate every 15 minutes during nonrush hours and 30 minutes during rush hours on Dec. 15, 6:30 AM–5 PM; Dec. 16–19, 6:30 AM–9:30 PM; and Dec. 20, 6:30 AM–1 PM.


Airlines. American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines are providing special discounts to Pacifichem attendees to travel to Hawaii for the conference.

American Airlines is providing Pacifichem attendees a 10% discount for travel to Hawaii for the meeting. Valid travel dates are Dec. 8–26. Access American’s fares and apply the discount by going to www.aa.com to book a flight. Be sure to place the promotion code 97D0AG in the promotion code box and the discount will be calculated automatically. Attendees can also call American at (800) 433-1790 and refer to this promotion code. This discount is applicable off of any published fares listed for American Airlines, American Eagle, and American Connection. International attendees need to contact their local American Airlines reservation number and refer to the promotion code above.

Delta Air Lines, Air France, and KLM are providing Pacifichem attendees with special zone fares and a 5% discount on full/nonrestricted hub tickets and a 7% discount on full/nonrestricted nonhub tickets. They are also providing a 2% discount on discounted/restricted hub tickets and a 5% discount on discounted/restricted nonhub tickets. To make reservations, or for more information, attendees can contact Delta at (800) 328-1111 from 7 AM–8 PM Central Time and refer to meeting code NM5SY.

United Airlines, United Express, and United code-shared flights operated by Lufthansa will offer discounts to Pacifichem attendees. Valid dates are Dec. 2 through Jan. 1, 2011. To make your reservation or for more information, attendees can contact United Airlines at (800) 521-4041 from 8 AM–10 PM Eastern Standard Time and refer to meeting code 586WJ. United Airlines will offer a 5% discount off any published fare, and up to 10% off of fares booked over 30 days in advance of travel.

Ground Transportation

Taxi Service. Taxi service is available at the Honolulu airport on the center median fronting the terminal baggage claim areas. See the taxi dispatchers—they’ll be wearing green shirts with yellow lettering, and the wording “TAXI DISPATCHER”—for service. The fare from the airport to Waikiki during non-rush-hour periods is approximately $35–$40, maximum of four people, plus a baggage charge of 35 cents per bag. Fare is by meter only.

City Bus. The city bus to Waikiki is $1.00 for children and $2.00 for adults. However, passengers are limited to one medium-size carry-on bag.

Airport Shuttle. The Airport Waikiki Express provides transportation from the airport to any hotel in Waikiki. The service is operated daily by Roberts Hawaii from 5 AM–3 AM, every 20–25 minutes, and from 3 AM–5 AM, every hour. Passenger fees are $9.00 one way, $15 round-trip; free for children age three and younger. Shuttle stops are located on the median strip outside the International Arrivals exit and baggage claim areas D, F, and in between G and H on the ground level. Waikiki Express dispatchers in yellow shirts are available on the sidewalk to show passengers where the shuttle stops. Airport Shuttle-Waikiki Express signs are located above the booths located on the median. For more information, contact Waikiki Express at (808) 831-1555.

Car Rentals. Avis and Hertz are offering discounts for Pacifichem 2010.

Avis. Reservations can be made online at www.avis.com or by contacting Avis at (800) 331-1600 and referring to the AWD code B923099.

Hertz. Reservations can be made online at www.hertz.com or by calling (800) 654-2240 and referring to ID code CV#02UZ0009.


All workshops will be held in the Hawaii Convention Center.

Thursday, Dec. 16

Microfabrication Technologies for Microfludic Devices (Microfluidics & Nanofluidics Symposium #198) 7–9 PM, Room 305A

This workshop will focus on the various fabrication technologies related to micro- and nanofluidics.

Friday, Dec. 17

Lignin Biorefinery (Lignin Biorefinery Research Project at Seoul National University) 7–9 PM, Room 314

Lignocellulose will be the feedstock for biofuels synthesis, but it will yield lignin as a by-product. During this workshop, speakers from South Korea, Japan, and the U.S. will review current strategies on how lignin can be used as a feedstock for chemicals synthesis and will identify problems in this area that currently limit progress.

Introducing DRTA & U.S. STRATCOM Center for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction (Defense Threat Reduction Agency [DTRA]-Chemical/Biological Technologies Directorate) 7–9 PM, Room 305A

DTRA safeguards the U.S. and its allies from weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives) by providing capabilities to reduce, eliminate, and counter the threat and mitigate its effects. This workshop will provide a broad overview of the strategic themes, portfolio organization, basic and applied research focus, and general activities managed by the DTRA Chemical/Biological Technologies Directorate.

Special Events

Congress Opening Ceremony. Wednesday, Dec. 15, 6–7 PM, in the ballroom of the Sheraton Waikiki. The ceremony will be opened by a traditional Hawaiian chant followed by welcoming remarks by the chair of the conference and other dignitaries.

Pacifichem 2010 Plenary Lecture. Wednesday, Dec. 15, 7–8 PM, in the ballroom of the Sheraton Waikiki. Paul Corkum, head of the University of Ottawa’s new Laboratory for Attosecond Research, will give the Pacifichem 2010 Lecture entitled “Catching Electrons with Light.” The lecture will detail how electron orbitals are measurable and conclude by describing how orbital changes might be filmed during a photochemical reaction—an upcoming molecular movie in 3-D: “The Fastest Molecular Movie on Earth!”

Congress Opening Mixer. Wednesday, Dec. 15, 8–10 PM, on the Diamondhead Lawn of the Sheraton Waikiki. All delegates and guests are welcome.

Exposition. Thursday, Dec. 16, and Friday, Dec. 17, 11 AM–5 PM; Saturday, Dec. 18, 11 AM–2 PM. Hilton Hawaiian Village, Coral Ballroom & Foyer. See a list of exhibitors beginning on page 55.

Student Poster Competition. Thursday, Dec. 16, noon–2 PM. Hawaii Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 2. Approximately 250 student finalists selected from over 2,500 Pacifichem poster submissions will participate in the competition.


Pacifichem 2010 has appointed Island Partners Hawai’i as the official tour company for the meeting. Experience the culture and history of Hawai’i and all that it has to offer through a selection of tours that exemplify Oahu’s mixture of urbanity, sophistication, tradition, and gentleness. Enjoy the outdoors, explore the beautiful lands and sea as you hike through rainforests, stroll along beaches, or go swimming and surfing in crystal-clear waters. Don’t miss the perfect backdrop to a romantic evening on the water or one of Hawaii’s top-rated luaus. Tours can be booked through the Pacifichem website www.pacifichem.org.

Download Final Program And Exhibitors

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