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Organized by date and category, the archive contains articles published in NanoFocus from Chemical & Engineering News and other ACS publications that monitor developments and breakthroughs in nanotechnology. As a member of the American Chemical Society, you have full-access to our archive of nanotechnology news.

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[C&EN December 24, 2007]

A Material World

Images captured during research turned into award-winning art.

[C&EN December 6, 2007]

Squishy Cancer Cells

Atomic force microscopy pinpoints cancer cells by their softness.

[C&EN December 3, 2007]

'Nano-Flares' Probe Cellular Activities

Northwestern University chemists report fluorescence probes that can be used as transfection agents.

[C&EN November 19, 2007]

Nanoscale Doping Via Chemistry

Surface reactions tailor silicon's properties with high spatial precision.

[C&EN November 12, 2007]

Carbon Nanotubes By The Metric Ton

Anticipating new commercial applications, producers increase capacity.

[C&EN November 6, 2007]

Hot-Wiring Hydrogenase With A Carbon Nanotube

Single-walled nanotube serves as an electrical wire to help harness enzyme's catalytic powers.

[C&EN October 22, 2007]

Tuning In With A Nanotube

Carbon nanotube is employed as an AM radio demodulator.

[C&EN October 22, 2007]

Nanowire Powers pH Meter

Design of coaxial nanostructures yields stable, powerful solar cells.

[C&EN October 22, 2007]

A Golden Close-Up

Crystal structure of a gold-thiolate cluster reveals surprising surface chemistry.

[C&EN October 15, 2007]

Challenges Of Risk-Based Nanotech Research

Understanding the environmental health and safety (EHS) implications of engineered nanotechnology is receiving a lot of attention these days.

[C&EN October 15, 2007]

Silver Nanoparticles Monitored in Vivo

Silver nanoparticles passively diffuse into zebrafish embryos through their external pores.

[C&EN October 1, 2007]

Nanotubes Imaged In Fruit Fly Larvae

Using near-infrared fluorescence imaging, scientists at Rice University have managed to sneak a peek at single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs).

[C&EN September 3, 2007]

Gold Nanoparticles Carry Paclitaxel

One day, nanoparticles studded with a powerful therapeutic drug might be used to deliver that drug to disease sites in the body.

[C&EN August 27, 2007]

Tapping The Sun

Basic chemistry drives development of new low-cost solar cells.

[C&EN August 23, 2007]

Nanotube Synthesis Emits Toxic By-Products

Evaluating small-scale processes could shed light on potential large-scale environmental issues.

[C&EN August 20, 2007]

Improving Dialysis Membranes

Nanoporous alumina membrane mimics human kidneys better than current technology.

[C&EN August 20, 2007]

Nanotech Survey

OECD countries are examining nanomaterials.

[C&EN August 20, 2007]

In Living Color

Nanoscale fluorescence imaging now in multicolor.

[C&EN August 16, 2007]

New Chemistry Journals Emerge

Nature Chemistry, ACS Nano, and ChemSusChem are unveiled.

[C&EN August 6, 2007]

Tailor-Made Nanostructures

New methods offer precise control of polymeric micelles.

[C&EN July 23, 2007]


In vivo study of fullerenes contradicts in vitro data.

[C&EN July 2, 2007]

A Nanowire Microscope

Optical probe combines fluorescence and force techniques.


[C&EN January 7, 2008]

Strategic Plan For U.S. Nanotech Updated

As mandated by law, the strategic plan that guides the National Nanotechnology Initiative has been updated to reflect progress in the field.

[C&EN December 24, 2007]

Assessing Nanotech Exposure

The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health is seeking input on its interim guidance for the medical screening of workers exposed to engineered nanoparticles.

[ES&T November 14, 2007]

The challenge of regulating nanomaterials

As the nanotechnology industry thunders ahead, filling consumer products with nanomaterials, experts worry about the lack of adequate oversight and regulation.

[C&EN November 12, 2007]

Product Stewardship

Nanotube Producers Take Concerns Seriously.

[C&EN November 6, 2007]

ACS Launches Nanotation

Online forum highlights nanoscience and nanotechnology research.

[C&EN October 22, 2007]

Setting Priorities For Nanotech

The state of environmental, health, and safety research of engineered nanoparticles gets a critical exam.

[C&EN October 15, 2007]

Fine Art Gets A Nano Sponge Bath

Tiny particles help tidy up delicate frescoes.

[C&EN September 5, 2007]

Companies Invest In Nanotubes

Start-up Nanotailor targets single-walled tubes, while Bayer expands multiwalled tubes.

[C&EN July 9, 2007]

Pacing Nanotechnology

The nanotechnology movement has engendered an eclectic community of historians, lawyers, communicators, educators, environmentalists, and others in the science, technology, and society.

[C&EN June 25, 2007]

A New Science Channel

Organizations and scientists experiment with YouTube as an outreach tool.

[C&EN June 11, 2007]

Harvard Licenses Nanotech Patents

Nano-Terra gets Whitesides nanofabrication portfolio.