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August 14, 2007

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Wiley-VCH To Launch Sustainable Chemistry Journal

ChemSusChem will feature research that promotes global sustainable development with respect to chemicals, energy, and materials

Stephen K. Ritter

Wiley-VCH is teaming up with the Italian Chemical Society and the German Chemical Society to publish ChemSusChem, a new monthly journal with a primary focus on research stemming from the rapidly growing interface between chemistry and sustainability science.

Slated to debut in early 2008, ChemSusChem will publish a mix of communications, full papers, reviews, research highlights, essays, and book reviews. Topics slated for coverage include green chemistry, catalysis and biocatalysis, industrial biotechnology, biomass processing and biofuels, solar energy and photovoltaics, hydrogen storage and fuel cells, carbon dioxide capture and storage, and biodegradable materials.

ChemSusChem joins the topical journals ChemBioChem, ChemPhysChem, and ChemMedChem as sister journals of Wiley-VCH???s flagship chemistry publication Angewandte Chemie/Angewandte Chemie International Edition.

Peter Gölitz, editor-in-chief of Angewandte Chemie, will serve as editor-in-chief of ChemSusChem. Serving as cochairmen of the new journal???s editorial board are Matthias Beller of the University of Rostock, in Germany; Gabriele Centi of the University of Messina, in Italy; and Daniel G. Nocera of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"The results of chemical research that are needed for a sustainable chemicals, energy, and materials base for our society are published in many journals," G??litz says. But every movement in research has required a vocal medium of its own to strengthen its inherent vitality, hence the launch of ChemSusChem." By featuring research at the interface of chemistry and sustainability, the journal can act "as a catalyst to tackle some of the challenges facing researchers in this important and rapidly developing field," he adds.

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