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June 27, 2011
Web Exclusive

2011 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards

Honors: Annual awards recognize chemical innovations that promote sustainability

Stephen K. Ritter

Green Benefits Decorative sculptures and prestige are the rewards garnered by Green Chemistry Award winners. Steve Ritter/C&EN View Enlarged Image
Green Benefits Decorative sculptures and prestige are the rewards garnered by Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award winners.
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Environmentally friendlier, less expensive, smarter chemistry. These are the types of advantages that characterize the innovations behind the products and processes honored by the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards. This year's winners received their awards during an evening ceremony held on June 20 in Washington, D.C., in conjunction with the 15th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference.

The awards program, now in its 16th year, is a competitive effort providing national recognition of chemical research and emerging technologies that incorporate the principles of green chemistry and engineering into the design, manufacture, and use of chemical products to help achieve federal pollution-prevention goals and promote sustainability. The program is administered for the White House by the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics and sponsored in part by the American Chemical Society.

» Academic Award: Bruce H. Lipshutz, University of California, Santa Barbara

» Small-Business Award: BioAmber, Minneapolis

» Designing Greener Chemicals Award: Sherwin-Williams Co.

» Greener Synthetic Pathways Award: Genomatica, San Diego

» Greener Reaction Conditions Award: Kraton Performance Polymers, Houston

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