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Science Movie Classic Reviewed on
How To Survive A Plague February 2013
Last Call At The Oasis November 2012
Dark Matter September 2012
Dirty Pictures August 2012
Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist July 2010
Food, Inc. November 2009
THX 1138 April 2009
Nobel Son March 2009
The Insider February 2008
Jurassic Park September 2007
15 Park Avenue July 2007
Star Wars May 2007
Dopamine March 2007
Love Potion No. 9 February 2007
Snakes on a Plane January 2007
Thank You For Smoking November 2006
Frankenstein October 2006
The Matrix October 2005
The Killer Shrews February 2005
The Man in the White Suit December 2004
Blade Runner November 2004
Real Genius October 2004
Gattaca September 2004
Back To The Future August 2004