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Science & Technology Concentrates

March 29, 2010
Volume 88, Number 13
pp. 21-22

ACS Meeting News

Science & Technology Concentratess

This week's selections are from the ACS national meeting, which took place on March 21–25 in San Francisco

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'Prochelator' Corrals Copper On Cue

ACS Meeting News: Protease found in brains of those with Alzheimer's triggers release of potentially therapeutic copper chelator.

Prebiotic Comet Collision Chemistry

ACS Meeting News: The shock of a comet hitting a planet could produce amino acids from extraterrestrial building blocks.

Bacterial Sugars Battle Corrosion

ACS Meeting News: Environmentally friendly coatings made of polysaccharides protect metal from rusting.

Vitamin E Helps Lenses Deliver Drugs

ACS Meeting News: Lipophilic vitamin increases release time, boosts exposure to ophthalmic agents.

Cranberry Juice Keeps Infections At Bay

ACS Meeting News: Home remedy prevents bacteria from forming biofilms, study shows.

Detecting Parasites

ACS Meeting News: Quick, inexpensive test uses arsenic-based dyes to identify parasitic diseases.

Dating Artifacts Nondestructively

ACS Meeting News: Plasmas and supercritical fluids could replace harsh acid and base soaks for cleaning archaeological relics.

Gut Feelings

ACS Meeting News: Intestine replica could breed smart gut bacteria.

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