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May 20, 2002
Volume 80, Number 20
CENEAR 80 20 p. 7
ISSN 0009-2347


2001 Winners Of The National Medal Of Technology


Among the four individuals named earlier this month by President George W. Bush as recipients of the 2001 National Medal of Technology is John A. Ewen, president of Catalyst Research Corp., Houston. Ewen, an industrial research chemist and inventor, is cited "for his basic discoveries and inventions in the field of metallocene catalysis, which have revolutionized the production of polyethylene and polypropylene plastics."

Dow Chemical is the 2001 recipient of a corporate medal "for the vision to create great science and innovative technology in the chemical industry and the positive impact that commercialization has had on society."

The other individual recipients of the technology medal are as follows: Arun N. Netravali, chief scientist, Lucent Technologies, for pioneering contributions to digital communications; Sidney Pestka, professor and chairman of the department of molecular genetics and microbiology at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School of the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, for pioneering achievements in the development of the biotechnology industry; and Jerry M. Woodall, C. Baldwin Sawyer Professor of Electrical Engineering and professor of applied physics, Yale University, a pioneer in the research and development of compound semiconductor materials and devices.

The medals will be presented at a White House ceremony in June. Since its establishment by Congress in 1980, the medal has been bestowed on 120 individuals and 12 companies.


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