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If you have access to proceedings from more than one Division, close your browser after accessing each Division in order to log in to another.

Bullet NOW available to institutional subscribers!

For information on how to subscribe, contact your local ACS representative. See Details...

The Proceedings for the listed divisions are now available to institutional subscribers. Note that ENFL subscribers also have access to all historical proceedings from the Division of Fuel Chemistry (FUEL) and Division of Petroleum Chemistry Inc. (PETR).

  • Division of Energy and Fuels (ENFL)
  • Division of Environmental Chemistry (ENVR)
  • Division of Polymer Chemistry Inc. (POLY)
  • Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE)

ACSís Division Proceedings Online is available to institutional subscribers and provides online access to participating ACS Divisionsí proceedings, with direct links to the Divisionsí home pages, for institutional customers including libraries and corporations. Access will be by annual subscription and will include all the proceedings from Divisions currently participating in the program, presented at the fall and spring ACS National Meetings. Access will also include the past proceedings from Divisions that participated in ACSís initial electronic access program (PMSE, for instance, will offer proceedings as far back as the 2001 Spring ACS National Meeting in San Diego). As new Division proceedings are added, the customer will have access to those as well.

ACS Division Proceedings Online features include the following for participating Divisions:

  • The most current ACS National Meeting Divisions' Proceedings outlined on the Division's opening page.
  • A "browse" feature that will allow customers to browse collections of documents by individual meeting or all proceedings of participating Divisions.
  • Searching by author, title, and key word or phrase (anywhere in the article), as well as a full-featured Boolean search capability.
  • Searches that can be filtered by specific Division (as they are added to the program) and by specific meeting.
  • Navigation to the Search function that is available with one click from any page.
  • Easy accessibility from the ACS Division Proceedings Online to the ACS Publications website (and your ACS Journal!), ACS Division websites, CAS, and websites.

As always, members of each Division will continue to receive free online access to the Divisionís proceedings.

Several ACS Divisions require authors to submit proceedings of presentations slated for ACS National Meetings. Each Division establishes its own policy for format, review, and acceptance, and you are encouraged to visit the websites of individual Divisions for additional information.


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