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November 2000
Vol. 30, No. 44 & 51.

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Second annual Controlled Polymer Synthesis Conference

December 4–5, 2000, Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, MA

This second annual conference focuses on evaluating the commercial viability of the production of novel structures and advanced materials through the controlled synthesis of polymers. The advantages and limitations of a variety of polymerization technologies will be examined, and the latest technological advances and application strategies in controlled polymer synthesis will be covered.

In addition to discussing patent and licensing policies and issues related to controlled polymer synthesis, an international faculty will present the most recent advances in

  • Living radical polymerization
  • Ionic processes
  • Olefin polymerization
  • Dendritic macromolecules
  • High throughput application
  • Application of new polymer architectures

This forum will identify processing challenges and overall industry objectives and concerns and suggest economic techniques for applying the latest R&D efforts to the assembly of structurally complex macromolecules.

For more information, contact The Knowledge Foundation Inc., 18 Webster St., Brookline, MA 02446; 617-232-7400; fax, 617-232-9171; custserv@knowledgefoundation.com; www.knowledgefoundation.com.

COMBI 2001—Combinatorial Approaches for New Materials Discovery

January 28–30, 2001,Wyndham Emerald Plaza, San Diego, CA

The Knowledge Foundation’s Combinatorial Materials Conference is one of the industry’s leading events to further the development and implementation of advanced combinatorial methodologies and high throughput screening (HTS) techniques for new materials discovery. Combi 2001 features 37 internationally recognized academic, government, and industry leaders in keynote lectures, case studies, workshops, and panel discussions on catalysts, polymers, electronic and bioelectronic materials, biomaterials, methodology, and instrumentation.

Advances for new materials discovery and design strategies include:

  • New strategies for library synthesis and rapid catalyst characterization
  • Efficient library production and handling
  • Rapid analytical methods and properties evaluation
  • Impact of HTS formulation and blending on performance and chemical space coverage
  • Microreactor methods and their bottlenecks
  • Effect of solid disk technology on synthesis
  • Methodologies and instrumentation for HTS and parallel synthesis
  • Advanced experiment design and automation
  • Impact of modeling and simulation

Post-conference panel discussion: Impact of combinatorial approaches on material science and high-tech industries.

A preconference workshop on Jan. 28, Informatics and Software Tools to Increase Efficiency of Throughput Optimization, will present a variety of tools.

  • Data mining
  • Integration of databases with molecular modeling and statistics tools
  • Building the virtual libraries
  • Interoperability
  • Development of standards in hard- and software tools and their integration

For additional information, contact The Knowledge Foundation Inc., 18 Webster St., Brookline, MA 02446; 617-232-7400; fax 617-232-9171; custserv@knowledgefoundation.com; www.knowledgefoundation.com.

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