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November 2000
VOL. 30, NO. 11

Innovation in the automobile industry: A new era
Innovation in the auto industryR&D philosophy has swung from the “ivory tower” to “all hands to the pump”. Now, industrial research managers are pursuing a balanced portfolio but emphasizing innovation.
Larry J. Howell

ENABLING SCIENCELearning from the Hantzsch synthesis

Learning from the Hantzsch synthesis
A reaction more than 100 years old continues to teach us how small organic molecules can act as medicines.
Nicholas R. Natale


Carbosiloxane polymers for chemical sensorsCarbosiloxane polymers for chemical sensors
Polymers for sensors can be synthesized, cross-linked, grafted, and photopatterned using hydrosilylation chemistry.
Jay W. Grate, Steven N. Kaganove, David A. Nelson

The new science of staffingSUCCEEDING IN THE MARKETPLACE

The new science of staffing
Today’s free-agent scientists prove that “temping” is a good career move.
Rolf E. Kleiner

From raw sugar to raw materials

From raw sugar to raw materials
Researchers in Louisiana look at sugar, blackstrap molasses, bagasse, and filter mud and see raw materials for a wide range of products.
Anne Kuhlmann Taylor

Chemist at Large (editorial) Chemist at Large
Leading the Way
Leading the Way
Mining for biological activity
Doreen Gillespie
Heart Cut Heart Cut
Patent Watch
Viewpoint Chemscripts
Formulating a synthetic perfume—rapidly
Eric W. Kirchhoff, John Aikens, Constance Cassidy
Touring the Net Touring the Net
A patent miner’s story
Marc C. Fitzgerald
The Industrial Chymist The Industrial Chymist
Our heritage: What is it?
Ben Luberoff
The Last Word The Last Word
Debra A. Schwartz

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