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February 2001

VOL. 31, NO. 2

The nascent paperless laboratoryThe nascent paperless laboratory
How feasible is the paperless laboratory? Subsequent to the recent Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, the author examines paperless trends and their potential impact on the chemical industry.
Milton Zall

A unique approach to conservation
A unique approach to conservation
Fuel briquette technology, already in use in other countries, offers a viable and cost-effective method for making fuel out of junk mail and yard waste.
Owen McDougal, Richard Stanley, Seth C. Holstein

The "greening" of nylon
The “greening” of nylon
The precursor to nylon 6, ε-caprolactam, is manu factured with toxic and corrosive chemicals and produces tons of byproducts. Academic research suggests another approach based on heterogeneous catalysis.
Wolfgang F. Hoelderich, Gerd Dahlhoff

Time's up! The color-changing self-expiring badgeTime’s up! The color-changing self-expiring badge
How do you prevent visitors’ badges and day passes from becoming universal access cards? How can you track medication schedules and expiration dates? One company has an answer.
David Haas

Chemist at Large (editorial) Chemist at Large
Leading the Way
Leading the Way
Ribonuclease H: A tool in the battle against leishmaniasis
Jabbar R. Bennett
Heart Cut Heart Cut
Patent Watch
Learning from the Past Learning from the Past
Planck’s theory and thermodynamics
Weldon Vlasak
Touring the Net Touring the Net
Internet resources for scientific writing
Svetla Baykoucheva
In Box In Box
The Industrial Chymist The Industrial Chymist
The real pro
Ben Luberoff
The Last Word The Last Word
The value of common sense
Nancy K. McGuire
This issue's cartoons
This issue's cartoons