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March 2001


VOL. 31, NO. 3

Survival of the fittest in drug designSurvival of the fittest in drug design
Genetic algorithms are enabling scientists to design better drugs and engineer superior gene pools for procreation purposes.
Michael J. Felton

Dimerized isobutene: An alternative to MTBEDimerized isobutene: An alternative to MTBE
Indirect alkylation produces branched paraffin dimers, providing a viable substitute for MTBE in gasoline.
Aspi K. Kolah, Qi Zhiwen, Sanjay M. Mahajani

High-throughput protein crystallography
High-throughput protein crystallography
Large amounts of data, analyzed simultaneously, provide new insights into protein–ligand interactions, accelerating the pace of drug discovery.
Katriona Knapman

The emerging technology trajectoryThe emerging technology trajectory
The new biotech tools allow entrepreneurial companies to perform R&D more rapidly and less expensively, thus lowering entry barriers. This changes everything for chemical firms as well.
B. Bowonder, P. Srinivas Yadav, S. Krishnan

Chemist at Large (editorial) Chemist at Large
Leading the Way
Leading the Way
Starting a research program at a PUI
Teresa Longin
Heart Cut Heart Cut
Patent Watch
Chemscripts Chemscripts
A catalytic process for oxidizing SO2
Peter L. Silveston, Scott G. Inwood
Legal Insights Legal Insights
Guidelines and advice in navigating fair use
Eric S. Slater
Viewpoint Viewpoint
Chemical cars: Baking soda rockets and geriatric turtles
Nancy K. McGuire
Learning from the Past Learning from the PastTeaching old platinum compounds new tricks
Kerry L. Cecere
Touring the Net Touring the Net
Requiem for a powder-blue Ford Granada
Nancy K. McGuire
This issue's cartoons
This issue's cartoons