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May 2001

VOL. 31, NO. 5


The chemistry of life on MarsThe chemistry of life on Mars
A 1976 Viking Lander experiment found possible signs of life on the Red Planet. Or did it? After two decades, Gilbert Levin’s assertions are getting a second look.
Charles W. Schmidt

The proof is in the fireThe proof is in the fire
The author looks at the reliability of two international testing standards for passive fire protection products.
Achim Hering

Clean machines from beansClean machines from beans
What do industrial cleaners, paint solvents, diesel fuel, and nail polish remover have in common? They can all be produced using soybean-derived esters.
Stephen G. Wildes

Will they read it? Will they understand?Will they read it? Will they understand?
Journalists are accused of “dumbing down” science articles, but often they don’t understand the subjects they cover.
Janette Busch

Chemist at Large (editorial) Chemist at Large
Leading the Way
Leading the Way
A freshman in industry
Victor E. Vandell
Heart Cut Heart Cut
Patent Watch
Legal Insights Legal Insights
Copyright piracy: It’s not a small world after all
Eric S. Slater
Management Insights Management Insights
E-procurement: A new management tool
Charles Waters, Marc C. Fitzgerald
Viewpoint Viewpoint
Does CO2 really drive global warming?
Robert H. Essenhigh
Postscript Postscript
U.S. cold to global warming
Touring the Net Touring the Net
The independent chemist
Nancy K. McGuire
The Last Word The Last Word
(This article is no longer available online)
Chemistry is where you find it
Michael Block
This issue's cartoons
This issue's cartoons