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August 2001
Vol. 31, No. 8, pp 4—11
Heart Cut

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Heart Cut

Ideas from the science, technical, and business literature

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Organic chemistry

Enantiopure amino acids are now available from asymmetric modified Strecker reactions
Trimethylaluminum-treated polar monomers form alternating copolymers with ethylene
This polymer-bound alkylating reagent provides smooth esterifications
The first entirely stereoselective total synthesis of (–)-quinine
A key intermediate in synthesis of the carbapenem class of -lactam antibiotics

Inorganic chemistry

Physical chemistry and electronics

Analytical chemistry and metrics

Fluorescence polarization provides a measure of chiral recognition
Use fluorescence properties to probe water structures in ion-exchange resins
This small reaction calorimeter allows in situ measurement of reaction parameters
NMR validates the protein structure within reverse micelles
2-D Solid-State NMR spectroscopy is a sensitive probe for supported
Mo-alkylidene polymerization catalysts

Biotechnology and life sciences

How does the hairpin ribozyme autocatalyze site-specific cleavage of its phosphate backbone?
Can paracyclophane derivatives coordinate to highly specific receptor binding sites?


External stimuli can switch the helicity of a chiral polysilane aggregate
These helical rosette nanotubes self-assemble via hydrogen bonding
Electrografting and ROMP leads to surface-anchored polynorbornene brushes
Encapsulate active core molecules with dendritic frameworks to simulate biological systems
Use dendrimer functional groups to bind metal nanoparticles and generate organic–inorganic hybrids
Prepare gallium nitride nanowires with lengths in the micrometer range
Functionalized mesoporous silica bonds heteropoly acids tightly
This review sums up the synthesis and characterization of dendrimer-encapsulated metal nanoparticles
These polymer–clay nanocomposites have unusual rheological properties
Uniform metal nanoparticles catalyze the formation of carbon nanotubes


These Ω-functionalized nonanoic acid derivatives are useful precursors to nylons 6,9 and 9
An improved synthesis of 2-aminoindan hydrochloride uses cheaper raw material
Ionic liquids may have special utility as extractants for biofuel recovery
This selective withdrawal apparatus produces uniform polymer coatings on particles
Diethoxymethane (DEM) may become a solvent of choice for many synthesis reactions

Business and government

How do leading-edge companies build a tradition of innovation?


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