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September 2001

VOL. 31, NO. 9


Hindsight is an exact science
How useful it would be if there were a book entitled Things That Don’t Work.
Jeremy Potter

Kitchen in a can for people on the go
Busy commuters, hikers, and soldiers, can take their hot meals and beverages with them using cans that heat themselves.
Gina Gluch, Daniel Mandler

Have I got an herb for you!
Aphrodisiacs have been used worldwide since the dawn of human history. Researchers are just beginning to discover their chemical and physiological functions.
Debra A. Schwartz

The new breed of cars
Electric and “hybrid” vehicles are slowly catching on. Are they really more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional autos?
Charles W. Schmidt

Chemist at Large (editorial) Chemist at Large
Leading the Way Leading the Way
Training future chemical biologists
Gregory A. Weiss
Heart Cut Heart Cut
Patent Watch Patent Watch
Patent Watch Chemscripts
Recovering value from byproducts using phase-transfer catalysis
Peter Joyce
Patent Watch Legal Insights
Is it fair use? It depends.
Eric S. Slater
Touring the Net Touring the Net
This is the house that Buck Rogers built
Nancy K. McGuire
Book Alert Book Alert
The gene: Science’s misused four-letter word
Rebecca Pollard
Postscript Postscript
Revisiting the Mars sample return debate
Nancy K. McGuire
The Last Word The Last Word
Just for the gel of it
Debra A. Schwartz
This issue's cartoons
This issue's cartoons