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November 2001

VOL. 31, NO. 11


Can corporate innovation champions Can corporate innovation champions survive?survive?
A recent study of corporate innovation champions has yielded valuable insights and knowledge that can be used to plan and execute innovation programs better in the future.
Jack Hipple, David Hardy, Steven A. Wilson, James Michalski

Using "corrosion" to make ceramicsUsing “corrosion” to make ceramics
Form a metal precursor into a complex shape, oxidize it, and get a ceramic with the same shape and dimensions.
Laurel M. Sheppard

Combinatorial chemistry moves beyond pharmaceuticalsCombinatorial chemistry moves beyond pharmaceuticals
A new technology is redefining the way materials and catalysts are discovered and developed.
Norman De Lue

The changing shape of pharmaceutical R&D
The data are pouring in faster than ever. Pharmaceutical research groups are changing the way they use information technology to keep up.
David Nicolaides

Chemist at Large (editorial) Chemist at Large
Leading the Way Leading the Way
From Chile to cheese country
Sandra Ríos
Heart Cut Heart Cut
Patent Watch Patent Watch
Management Insights Management Insights
Creativity in organizations can be measured and acquired
Nel M. Mostert, Lot H. Frijling
Legal Insights Legal Insights
The solo inventor strikes back
Kendrew H. Colton
Viewpoint Viewpoint
It’s the Sun that makes it hot
Jay Lehr, Richard S. Bennett
Touring the Net Touring the Net
Nano in the news
Nancy K. McGuire
In Box In Box
The Last Word The Last Word
No sauce?—Your loss
Debra A. Schwartz

This issue's cartoons
This issue's cartoons