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May/June 1999
Volume 2, Number 3


  How Glaxo Wellcome developed an AIDS drug for children
Jim Kling
New FDA regulations and innovative clinical trials enabled Glaxo Wellcome to get much earlier approval to give Abacavir to HIV-infected children.
  Waiting for cancer vaccines
Ken Garber
Through decades of ups and downs, tumor immunologists have spread the gospel that cancer vaccines are going to work. Have cloned tumor antigens and dendritic cells finally given them the tools to prove it?
  Designing taxanes to treat multidrug-resistant tumors
Iwao Ojima, Pierre-Yves Bounaud, and Ralph J. Bernacki
Taxanes are used as chemotherapeutics for certain types of cancer because they inhibit cell mitosis. The basic structure of these drugs can be altered to fight cancer by an entirely different mechanism: inhibition of Pgp, a pump protein responsible for multidrug resistance in tumors.
  Will super asprin supersede asprin?
Carol Hart
The new COX-2 inhibitors target pain without the GI side effects associated with long-term aspirin use. The market for these drugs, which includes patients who suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other types of chronic pain, could be enormous.
  Bright ideas for high-throughput screening
Randy Wedin
One-step fluorescence HTS assays are getting faster, cheaper, smaller, and more sensitive.


  In Brief
  • Green yeast test for mutagens
  • Diabetic drug used for cancer differentiation therapy
  • Ulcer gum from Greek medicinal folklore
  • Steroid boost for AIDS patients
  • MRI opens a window on calcium
  • Antibiotic may be tumor angiogenesis inhibitor Celebrex, Celexa, and Cerebryx spell confusion
  • Protecting fetal heart cells from cocaine
  • Does microchimerism cause autoimmune disease?
  • Hot and cold areas of therapeutic R&D: A survey of the top 50 pharma companies
  • NMR gives cholesterol measurement a new look
  • Of Flies, Mice and Men
  • Damages: One Family's Legal Struggles in the World of Medicine
  New Products
  Ad Index
Et Cetera
Why HMOs fear direct-to-consumer advertising


AIDS progresses more quickly in children than adults. Until recently, however, AIDS medicines always had to be approved for adults before they could be tested in kids. Jim Kling's story tells how changes in regulations and innovative clinical trials allowed Abacavir to be approved for adults and children simultaneously. Cover illustration by John Patrick.