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July/August 1999
Volume 2, Number 4


  Combinatorial biosynthesis: Panning for pharmaceutical gold
John K. Borchardt
Genetic engineering may keep one of the richest drug gold mines from being played out.
  The mysterious placebo effect
Carol Hart
Understanding it can help avoid flawed study designs.
  The liposome maker's art: Wrapping toxic drugs in lipid disguises
Jim Kling
Researchers turn amphoterrible into Amphotec and doxorubicin into Doxil.
  Through the looking glass in chiral drug development
John Caldwell
Focusing on one stereoisomer may increase efficacy, reduce side effects, or even extend patent protection.
  Content and discontent: A combinatorial chemistry status report
Richard K. Brown
The new technology has put drug candidates into clinical trials, but it still hasn't won full acceptance by medicinal chemists.
  High-throughput characterization of combinatorial libraries
James N. Kyranos and Joseph C. Hogan, Jr.
Generating and interpreting a large amount of analytical data are necessary to take advantage of combichem's achievements.


  In Brief
  • Discovery may lead to osteoporosis drugs
  • Selectins for inflammation therapy and drug delivery
  • The new kid on the anti-obesity block
  • More cancer drug trials needed
  • A new class of HIV drugs
  • New option for ADHD treatment
  • An atherosclerosis-Chlamydia pneumoniae connection?
  • Fish malodor syndrome
  • Genetic connection for SAD
  • Mapping the stroke damaged brain
  • Alzheimer's and schizophrenia
Selecting leads with pharmacokinetic data
  Financial Matters
  Health Topics
  Web Scan
  • Gout: The Patrician Malady
  • Chiral Chromatography
  • Combinatorial Chemistry and Molecular Diversity in Drug Discovery
  New Products
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Women and cardiovascular disease