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September/October 1999
Volume 2, Number 5


  Building a better understanding of prostate cancer
William Wells
Looking at thousands of genes at once may help quell this common and deadly disease.
  Visual data mining speeds drug discovery
Randy Wedin
Computers promised fountains of wisdom but delivered only floods of data.
  Allergy relief with eyes wide open
Jim Kling
How Claritin solved the problem of antihistamine drowsiness.
  Thailand on the eve of an AIDS vaccine trial
Steven Van Yoder
A controversial vaccine could bring relief to a country struggling with an epidemic.
  Boosting "good" cholesterol
Ken Garber
A new approach looks beyond Lipitor toward using gene-based drugs.


  In Brief
  • Iodide broadens its horizon
  • Vaccine against Shigella
  • Give a dog a bone
  • The smell of love
  • The glow of protein aging
  • The smell of age
  • SNPs change RNA folds
  • New molecular target for heart failure
  • Disguising a glaucoma drug
  • A cancer combo
  • The coffee cure
Drug approvals: Safe at any speed?
The growing nutraceutical challenge
  Financial Matters
  Health Topics
  Web Scan
  Book Reviews
  • The Nazi War on Cancer
  • Blood: An Epic History of Medicine and Commerce
  • Combinatorial Chemistry and Molecular Diversity in Drug Discovery
  New Products
  Ad Index
Et Cetera
SNPs and snails and genome tales