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November/December 1999
Volume 2, Number 6


  Molecular modeling of opioid analgesics
Gilda H. Loew
The designer's goal is to eliminate adverse side effects.
  Out of Malaysia: Finding natural products to fight AIDS
Jim Kling
Government support helps a small firm produce drug candidates from a tropical tree.
  Marijuana: From "evil weed" to wonder drugs?
Carol Hart
Modeling cannabinoid receptors is leading toward therapeutic synthetics.
  Counting on computational intelligence
Cort Wrotnowski
Advanced methods are gaining acceptance as "good, solid tools".
  Global partnering to solve a software puzzle
Lisa L. Bellavance and Robert D. Brown
A combinatorial chemistry consortium enters its second phase.


  In Brief
  • Drugs and pregnancy
  • Catching cancer
  • Making drugs take the heat
  • If you can't beat 'em, fund 'em
  • The genes behind lupus
  • A new escort service for DNA
  • Grafting hope for Lou Gehrig's disease
  • A sniff of protection
  • Smile! Drugs protect your teeth
  • Redox chemistry pinpoints SNPs
Treating drug abuse
  Financial Matters
  Health Topics
  Web Scan
  Book Reviews
  • One Renegade Cell: How Cancer Begins
  • Biopharmaceutical Drug Design and Development
  New Products
  Index to Authors and Articles
  Ad Index
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