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October 2000
Vol. 3, No. 8,
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Genetic analysis software. Jellyfish, a Web-integrated package, is available free, through the Internet, to life science researchers. It features easy-to-use tools, a graphical sequence display for easy navigation, and one-click submission of sequences to genetic analysis Web sites. The software performs scientific analyses such as viewing DNA and protein sequence information, restriction enzyme analysis, and DNA–protein alignment.

Biowire.com l 150

Animal research products. These products are designed exclusively for live animal and mammalian cell culture applications. They include biological safety cabinets, animal transfer stations, clean benches, waste disposal units, and cage-management products. This product focuses on protecting the laboratory animal from airborne particulates and cross contamination.

Baker Co. l 151

...Catalog. This publication has more than 1000 color pages and detailed information on more than 6000 products. It covers areas such as molecular biology, immunochemistry, cell culture, cytokines, growth factors, and hormones. Product applications and reference materials, some of which have never been published, are included. This publication also contains original diagrams, color photographs, and metabolic illustrations.

Sigma-Aldrich l 152

Flasks. These disposable plastic 2-L Erlenmeyer and 3-L Fernback containers are suitable for use in shaker culture, storage, or media preparation. The flasks feature polycarbonate construction, optical clarity, and wide mouths for easy access to contents. Each flask is sterile, nonpyrogenic, and individually wrapped.

Corning l 153

...Culture system. This osteologic bone cell culture system is specifically designed to improve the productivity and quality of biological data in bone disease research and testing programs. The system is a reliable and consistent alternative to traditional bone slice cultures. The discs can be used for direct assessment of osteoclast and osteoblast activity in vitro. Cover slips are also available for confocal microscopy, immunofluorescence, and electrophysiology studies.

BD Biosciences l 154

... Multiwell insert systems. These systems allow users to run assays in real time with nondestructive sample detection. They also allow users to handle 24 inserts simultaneously. The systems are made with a light blocker that blocks the transmission of light within 490–700 nm. Fluorescence from labeled cells or compounds in the top chamber is blocked from detection in the bottom chamber by an intervening membrane. Fluorescently labeled cells or compounds that pass through the membrane can be specifically detected in real time without cell scraping, staining, and counting.

BD Biosciences l 155

...Synthesizing kit. This kit for making strippable probes enables repeated hybridizations to gene arrays, minimizing the cost of these blots. The kit contains all the necessary reagents for synthesizing and stripping cDNA probes.

Ambion l 156

Evaporator. The dry-down Jet-Stream is specifically designed to accelerate the concentration and dry-down of solid-phase extraction eluent, synthesized DNA samples, and plasmid preparations; and the concentration of sequenced products in a variety of 96-well formats.

Helix Scientific l 157

Product line. This synthetic poly (ADP–ribose) polymer (PAR) is a useful control for quantitating levels of PAR within cells using anti-PAR antibodies. Researchers interested in apoptosis, DNA damage and repair, and drug discovery targeting the poly(ADP–ribose) polymerase enzyme will find the synthetic PAR useful for assay development.

Trevigen l 158

...Angle measurement. A multidosing unit accessory for drop shape analysis, the G140 is an automated syringe capable of applying drops of up to four different liquids on a solid surface. Fifty images can be captured per second to enable users to detect differences in various fast-wetting materials such as paper, fabric, and nonwoven materials. Acquired images can be played back as a slow-motion movie to observe the wetting process. The images can also be analyzed for contact angle during or after acquisition.

Krüss l 159

...Method development kits. This kit allows users to quickly determine suitability of method development on less expensive, short, fast columns. Kits include either three or five cartridge columns and one set of interchangeable end fittings.

Keystone Scientific l 160

Modular column systems. The stainless steel, 30-mm-i.d. molecular columns are easier, safer, and more cost-effective to pack than conventional compression or flanged columns. They are significantly less expensive to replace because of their reusable, threaded end fittings, which also eliminate tube distortion.

Isolation Technologies l 161

...Spatulas. These single-use, disposable spatulas are made of sterile polystyrene that is certified nonpyrogenic, RNase/ DNase-free, and antistatic. Disposable spatulas eliminate the recycling and resterilization necessary with reusable spatulas. They are available in five configurations: tapered blade/spoon, small spoon/spoon, round end/spoon, V-scoop/spoon, and flat end/spoon.

Corning l 162

Syringe filter. This premium syringe filter is available with a single-layered membrane or with a prefilter that works smoothly in all automated robotic sample-handling systems. The syringe filter has a multilayered glass fiber prefilter that provides fast flow rates and maximum throughput even with the most viscous and particulate-laden samples. The automation housing design allows for swift movement down the robotic track and smooth release from the workstation’s filter holder.

Pall Gelman l 163

Natural product analyses. This illustrated brochure includes a brief description of the medicinal uses of a variety of plants, a sample preparation scheme to isolate the marker compounds from the nutraceutical matrix, and an HPLC protocol for final isolation and purification.

Alltech l 164

Steroid. The recombinant human glucocorticoid receptor has been added to PanVera’s line of steroid human receptors. This protein can be used in steroid hormone binding studies, steroid biochemistry, and high-throughput drug discovery screening. It is a ligand-activated intracellular transcriptional regulator and a mediator of glucocorticoid action that regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

PanVera l 165

Isolator. This completely automated negative-pressure glove box is engineered and programmed to maintain a slight negative working pressure (–0.50 in H2O). The internal atmosphere is filtered by two HEPA filters. If the internal negative pressure rises above –0.55 in H2O, the programmable logic controller automatically opens the atmosphere supply valve. Incoming gas is automatically filtered through the dual HEPA filters. When the internal atmosphere reaches the set point, the automatic valve closes.

Plas-Labs l 166

Web site. Incyte.com is geared especially toward genomic researchers. The site provides around-the-clock access to the most extensive online resource for genomic products and services. Incyte.com provides the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic communities with high-quality gene sequence information, reagents, clones, and supplies. The site will eventually include annotation, genome data, and expression and proteomics data.

IncyteGenomics l 167

Software. ISIS enables users to run shaking machines under the rules of ISO 9000, GMP, GLP, and the FDA. The software offers a high-resolution graphic display; experiment programming; automatic data storage on hard disk; full documentation with printout; choice of calibration tools for speed, temperature, and humidity; and an online help system. This user-friendly, graphical system runs under Microsoft Windows on any standard PC.

BioPro International l 168

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