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October 2000
Volume 3, No. 8


Focus:Careers/Salary/ Employment

The pharmaceutical job market keeps growing and glowingThe pharmaceutical job market keeps growing and glowing
Michael J. Felton
ACS survey finds drug chemists younger, better paid than most in other fields; nearly one in three are women.

The strange case of Premarin
Jim Kling
The closer the FDA looked at the problem of generic equivalence, the muddier it appeared.

Genetic TransportationGenetic transportation
Mark S. Lesney
Finding the right viral vehicle for gene therapy presents conflicting choices.


Content in Context
Genomic job security

News in Brief

Take two:aspirinTo Your Health
Take two: Aspirin. New uses and new dangers are still being discovered as aspirin enters its second century.

Clinical Trials Track
What about the FDA? This federal agency regulates, guides, and ultimately evaluates the process of clinical trials in ways often confusing to the uninitiated.

Rules and Regulators
More names. Legal, scientific, and regulatory demands require an unambiguous system for identifying these highly regulated products.

Money Matters: Corporate
A strategic framework for partnering. Optimizing technology-oriented mergers, acquisitions, and alliances in a world of uncertainty.

The Tool Box
Permeability Assays
Automation speeds drug discovery.

The Time Line
The corpus and the hare Demand for bodies to dissect led to murder in 19th-century Edinburgh.

Patents and Property
Disclosure: The price of patent protection Disclosure is an important requirement for obtaining a patent. Anything less is dangerous.

Ready to Read

Sites and Software
Cooperative toxicology A new toxicology consortium may bring together competitors to further science and save both money and animals.

an epidemic of osteoporosisDiseases and Disorders
An epidemic of osteoporosis?

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