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November/December 2000
Volume 3, No. 9

Going for fold in AsilomarGoing for fold in Asilomar
Leela A. Holliman
Computational biologists test their new algorithms for predicting protein structure.

Shielding against flu epidemicsShielding against flu epidemics
John K. Borchardt
Managing modern influenza vaccines is often as much an administrative art as a science.

Survival of the fittest in drug designSurvival of the fittest in drug design
Michael J. Felton
One of the cornerstones is the use of genetic algorithms in producing new molecules



Content in Context
The global enterprise

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News in BriefStem cell survival

Insight and Analysis
Tissue debates Research using tissue taken from patients sparks new debates on privacy and property

To Your Health
Psoriasis drug inhibits nicotine metabolismPsoriasis drug inhibits nicotine metabolism The compound methoxsalen may help heavy smokers kick the habit.

On the Calendar

Clinical Trials Track
A new broom? From OPPR to OHRP—transforming human research protections

Rules and Regulators
Patient health information goes electronic
New national standards encourage online filing to cut paperwork.

Money Matters: Personal
Don’t let errors deflate your pension
Also: Some early tax-deduction tips

The Tool Box
Laser capture microdissection Isolating individual cells for molecular analysis

The Time Line
Bring out your dead! Yersinia pestis, cause of ancient plagues, remains a modern peril.

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New Product Notes

Diseases and Disorders
A plague on all our houses?

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