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March1, 2001
Volume 4, No. 3
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Focus: Business/Economics
Surviving the Tide of TrialsSurviving the Tide of Trials
Cullen T. Vogelson

Learning the ins and outs of clinical research doesn’t have to be experimental.
Going Cellular
Mark S. Lesney

The use of encapsulated living cells provides added possibilities for complex therapeutics.
The Pricing Puzzle
Milton Zall
Prescription medicines play a leading role in health care, but a public debate rages over what these drugs should cost
Content in Context
Tinker, Tailor...

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News in Brief

For Your HealthFor Your Health
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Clinical Trials Track
The art and science of monitoring

Money Matters: Corporate
Planning a meeting with results

Patents and Property
A call for bounty hunters

The Tool BoxThe Tool Box
Sugar-coated combichem

The Time Line
Genetic ciphering

Sites and Software
XML: Data about data

Ready to Read
A history of Molecular Biology

New Product Notes

On the Calendar

Diseases and Disorders
Luckily, my dear, Rett gave a damn