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May 2001
Volume 4, No. 5
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Focus: High Throughput Screening

Screening's age of insecurityScreening's age of insecurity
Deborah J. Ausman
High-throughput screening hasn’t given us more drugs. Can better data management make a difference?

Diagnosis: Medicine
Randall C. Willis and Mark S. Lesney
From antibodies to e-noses, assay tests and kits aid in identifying diseases and prescribing drugs.
Spotting a microarray system
Elizabeth Zubritsky
A broader array of commercial products edges out home-built systems.
Living the high (throughput) life
Mark S. Lesney
HTS looks for rewards from the use of cellular assays.

Content in Context
The nature of drugs

From Our Readers

News in Brief

The Tool Box
Protein-drug interaction

Clinical Trials Track
The investigational review process

Diseases and Disorders

Patents and Property
A Renaissance legacy

The Time Line
A brief history of pharmacology

Ready to Read
Decoding Darkness: The Search for the Genetic Causes of Alzheimer's Disease

For Your Health
Reflections on obesity

Sites and Software
A river of data runs through it

Money Matters: Corporate
Cashing in on gene sequences

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New Product Notes