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June 2001
Vol. 4, No. 6
pp 50, 52.
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Software. This system provides medical and computational chemists a suite of molecular visualization and analysis tools for conducting research.DiscoveryStudio is the first Tripos product to integrate Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications. This software integrates with desktop productivity applications, imports and exports data between the system and external data sources, and rapidly prototypes and tests new computational methods.
Tripos 150

Publication. Cell Notes is a free scientific publication that provides solutions to researchers investigating cell signaling, neuroscience, and other cellular analysis questions. It is published twice a year and covers recent advances in cell biology, new Promega products, and applications of existing Promega products that solve specific cellular analysis research notes.
Promega 151

MicroplatesMicroplates. These UV-transparent microplates are available in both 96- and 384-well formats and enable convenient DNA or RNA quantitation without the use of quartz. With low UV absorbance down to 240 nm, typical measurements for DNA concentration at 260–280 nm can be easily monitored. Both 96- and 384- well formats feature SBS standard footprints.
BD Biosciences 152

Archiving system. QDIS/R is a raw data archiving system that complements the Q-DIS product family of corporate IT solutions. The system uses modern software architecture combined with state-of-the-art user-friendliness. It handles all relevant archiving tasks in one system that is 100% Java. It handles a variety of analytical and associated data, which can be stored, received, and archived.
Creon Lab Control 153

Invasion systemsInvasion systems. The BD BioCoat FluoroBlok Invasion System is an integrated, automation-friendly cell culture insert system designed to automate the process of screening for tumor cell invasion with real-time fluorescence and nondestructive sample detection.
BD Biosciences 154

Binding slides. Surface-activated glass slides are available for DNA, protein, and small-molecule microarrays. Covalent binding of molecules with accessible amino or hydroxyl groups is provided by reactive aldehyde, NHS ester, epoxide surfaces. For 5´-amine-modified or unmodified oligos and PCR products, the slides offer simple processing, low background, and proportional and quantitative binding over a wide dynamic range. Each slide is individually selected for highest optical quality, and every batch is tested for surface uniformity and batch-to-batch consistency. To help customers select the best surface for their application, an evaluation kit is offered that includes the six types of surface-activated covalent binding slides.
NoAb Diagnostics 155

Software. The MemoControl Software, when used with the Memowell and your Assay Reader and Computer configuration, allows you to address individual wells with in either 96- or 384-well plates according to predetermined values or well matches. This data can be saved in Excel or other programs used for assay data retrieval and earmarked to the corresponding sample plate for hit picking and other manipulations. Data is downloaded to the Memowell, causing the wells determined to be within threshold values to light up for selection.
Matrix 156

Measuring machineMeasuring machine. The ScanMax from Carl Zeiss is easy to operate and guarantees high accuracy in a rough production environment. It is equipped with the measuring probe system to provide high precision and reliability in manual scanning. Scanning is facilitated by the lightweight articulated arm design and the almost force-free scanning process.
Zeiss 157

Microscopes. These fixed-stage up right microscopes are for observing living cell specimens. The BX51WI and BX61WI incorporate many new features such as allowing users to change magnification without changing objectives. This provides a dramatic vibration reduction during observation. The unique 202 objective has an extremely high NA of 0.95, which enables the user to observe the specimen at 72 and 802 magnification without the loss of resolution.
Olympus Optical 158

Software. Metrolog II is a user-friendly software system for measuring free-form surfaces and standard geometries on manual or CNC coordinate measuring machines. The software is menu driven and guides the operator safely through even complex applications. This automation shortens measuring times and reduces susceptibility to errors.
Zeiss 159

TubingTubing. Sani-Tech LA-60 is a premium, low-absorption, platinum-cured silicone tubing especially developed for laboratory, health care, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology applications. The tubing was developed to answer the need for a fluid transport vehicle that would help optimize performance by reducing the propensity of sorption. This tubing has an absorption rate 10 times lower than methylvinyl tubing currently in use.
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics 160

Plate coating service. NoAb Diagnostics customizes coated 96- or 384-well plates for high-throughput screening needs. Proprietary techniques allow the customized adjustment of binding capacity to give the highest assay sensitivity. Every batch is tested using quantitative quality-control assays for performance and precision.
NoAb Diagnostics 161

TipCleaner. This tip cleaner allows AFM probes to be reused instead of being replaced. It is a simple and easy-to-operate device that uses a custom-designed mercury vapor lamp grid to produce intense UV irradiation and subsequently generate significant quantities of ozone. The combination of the UV irradiation and the ozone effectively vaporizes most oils and organic contamination. With extended periods of exposure, the ozone can have an additional advantage of etching and thus “sharpening” as well as cleaning an AFM probe tip.
BioForce Laboratory 162

Microplates. Streptavidin Immobilizer Microplates and Strips are biotinylated nucleic acids, peptides, and proteins thatare coupled via a simple protocol to Exiqon’s photochemically coated streptavidin surface. The special Immobilizer surface results in no blocking steps, so the concentrations of the biotinylated target molecule are usually very low. Assays are characterized by high signal-to-noise ratios and high reproducibility. The binding capacity for 96-well plates is 5 ng/well (20 pmol/well), CV ≥5%. They are available as fixed well in clear, black, or white and as clear strips.
Exiqon A/S 163

Image Analysis Service. This free service gives existing and prospective customers an opportunity to view the considerable power of Phoretix software applied to their own specific samples. Customers are asked to send up to two 1-D or 2-D electrophoresis images or array images with details of the data that they would expect to derive from them. The Nonlinear Dynamics Application Science Team will then carry out an analysis and write a report based on these images. Operated in conjunction with the Image Analysis Service, Nonlinear Dynamics also offers a free Software Evaluation Scheme. The customer is provided with a fully operational trial copy of Phoretix software for a limited period so that they can assess it for themselves.
Nonlinear Dynamics Limited 164

Microarraying system. The ProSys 5510 is a high-capacity DNA microarraying workstation used for creating high-density arrays in functional genomics research. The ProSys system is configured with a pin array transfer head, 100-slide nest, and up to 48 microspotting pins all enclosed in a humidity-controlled environment. Its remarkably precise high-density print heads are capable of printing up to 82,000 spots on a single slide from 96- or 384-well source plates.
Zymark 165

Search engine. SonarMS/MS is a search engine for identifying proteins using MS/MS information from digest peptides. It has been designed specifically for the needs of protein identification automation, using breakthrough concepts and designs that make protein identification easier and more confident. The results from SonarMS/ MS do not have to be reviewed by hand, which is necessary for most other commercially available search routines.
ProteoMetrics 166

Analysis. BOD Magic system from Labtronics is a complete, cost-effective system for the automation of BOD analysis. BOD Magic automatically adds seed and dilution water to your samples, takes both initial and final DO readings, and applies all of the rules and calculations required for BOD reporting. In addition, BOD Magic includes LIMS interfacing, password protection and an audit trail, and a QC program for charting sample results and performing sample trend analysis. It reduces the amount of time analysts spend on BOD analysis and increases sample throughput with accurate and consistent automation of your BOD analysis.
Labtronics 167

Imaging platesImaging plates. The glass-bottom imaging plates by BD Biosciences feature low base design, laser scanning, and confocal microscopy applications. The use of high-quality glass ensures low autofluorescence while the overall flatness of each micro plate ensures less error in scanning and imaging applications.
BD Biosciences 168

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