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July 2001
Vol. 4, No. 7
pp 69, 71.
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Measuring machine. The SMM-D horizontal-arm machine is used to generate a changed shape by milling. A biaxial milling head rapidly generates the shape with high precision from a soft clay model using design data.
Zeiss 150

Measuring machineSoftware. The CEQ 2000XL DNA sequencing system locates mutations and polymorphisms. This software eliminates the need to export data to a separate software package for analysis. The system sequences 200 nucleotides in less than 30 min and 600 nucleotides in less than 50 min. It also reads out beyond 800 quality bases with more than 98% accuracy.
Beckman Coulter 151

Pipet tips

Archive kit
Pipet tips.
ZiptipHPL contains hydrophilic interaction chromatography resin and offers an efficient method of removing detergents from peptide mixtures. The tip is placed on a single or multichannel pipettor or compatible automated liquid-handling station. The sample is bound by aspirating and dispensing through the microvolume resin bed. Detergents and stains are washed away, and the concentrated, purified sample is eluted.
Millipore 152

Archive kit. This high-capacity cDNA kit converts up to 10 µg of RNA to single-stranded cDNA in one 100-µL reaction. Researchers can convert total or messenger RNA to cDNA for a variety of uses: before long-term storage, during gene expression applications, before conversion to cRNA for hybridization to an oligonucleotide microarray, for construction of cDNA libraries, and to generate hybridization probes. These studies require much larger quantities of cDNA than are obtainable with traditional RT kits or enzyme/dNTP/buffer combinations.
Applied Biosystems 153

Electrophoresis. The MacGel apparatus performs electrophoresis at a small fraction of the cost of larger instruments. It consists of a buffer chamber, a well-former, platinum wires, and a gel plate, all housed in a 1 x 5 in. box. The MacGel can be used for genetic studies of illnesses such as Huntington’s disease, liver disease, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.
Bio Medical Equipment 154

Workstation. The Flexstation microplate assay development and detection system provides drug discovery and life sciences researchers with a powerful, integrated benchtop system. Each unit is flexible enough to allow a wide range of research applications by combining multichannel plate-to-plate fluid transfer and fluorescence measurement in one system.
Molecular Devices 155

Auto-lid. This dual 384-well module for Applied Biosystems’ thermal cycler opens and closes the heated lid automatically and has a plate-ejection feature. Auto-lid reduces the need for hands-on intervention in high-throughput PCR and cycle sequencing applications, enabling the automation required by production-level laboratories.
Applied Biosystems 156

Software. 32 Karat Version 5.0 integrates CE and HPLC in one platform for the P/ACE MDQ CE and System Gold HPLC systems. The new software combines enhanced tools for diode array detection with the convenience of controlling HPLC and CE separation technologies.
Beckman Coulter 158

Station. The Massprep system is the multifunctional, high-throughput, protein-handling module of the ProteomeWorks station. This robotic system allows automated processing of proteins in excised gel pieces. The station permits rapid completion of procedures ranging from destaining to digestion and spotting of desalted peptide mixtures onto target plates.
BioRad 159

Screening. Vivid CYP450 kits provide an ideal, nonradioactive, optimized method for the study of cytochrome P450 isoenzyme–drug interactions. The kits offer high sensitivity, low background fluorescence, room-temperature reaction conditions, and compatibility with all HTS plate formats. Vivid Fluorogenic Substrates provide a high turnover rate and are metabolized to highly fluorescent quantum yields.
PanVera Corporation 160

Purification system. The ChromaZone High Throughput Zonal Purification system is a simple and safe flash chromatography solution for rapidly purifying organic compounds used in early stages of drug discovery. Medicinal chemists can quickly purify synthesis reaction mixtures and natural-product extractions for pharmaceutical research.
Varian 162

PCR. The Mx4000 quantitative instrument system is designed for multiplexed QPCR applications. This unit permits accurate measurement of gene copy number and mRNA expression levels. The Mx4000 integrates advanced optics, software, and a 96-well thermal block for simultaneous detection of multiple reporter dyes and single-dye real-time QPCR. It supports all available fluorescent chemistries.
Stratagene 163

Cloning system. The MicroCartridge kit provides accurate and reliable cloning technology in a three-step process that saves time and reagent costs while minimizing risks of pipetting error and cross-contamination. The kit is offered in a convenient 10-assay format that provides short sample-to-results time.
Genomics One 164

Trial simulator. Software provides a component-driven graphical interface for rapid, flexible creation and modification of models of drug trials. It has an extensive library of prebuilt PK and PK/PD models. The trial simulator has an intuitive expression editor with built-in functions, including user-written expressions and differential equations.
Pharsight 165

Data integration system. SRS 6.1 enables the integration of flat-file, XML, and relational databases into one system that allows researchers to easily access all available data sources relevant to their work. The system includes a full XML server, virtual libraries that give users flexibility in presenting data to their customers, support for additional indexing technologies, and improved application launching capabilities.
Lion Bioscience 166



Diagnostic bottles are available in 5, 10, and 20 mL. They provide compact, single use, presterilized systems that are ready for off-the-shelf usage. The bottles minimize the chance of cross-contamination and reduce costly cleaning procedures.
Nalgene 167

Brochure. “Steri-Cycle CO2 Incubators” describes the benefits, specifications, and accessories for the Steri-Cycle line of incubators. Each unit includes a HEPA airflow system for continuous contamination control and a high-heat sterilization cycle for periodic contamination elimination. The entire chamber air volume is HEPA-filtered every 60 s.
ThermoForma 168

Centrifuge. The Jouan MR23i features a high-capacity, high-speed rotor for 1.5- and 2.0-mL microvolume tubes. The rotor accommodates 48 tubes per run, producing a maximum RCF of more than 27,700g. It also processes 8 x 50 mL at a maximum RCF of more than 21,200g. The maximum noise output is only 57 dBA, which keeps the laboratory environment comfortable.
Jouan 169

Software. The free FSA Cell and Cocktail Selection Guide is designed to help both novice and advanced users make optimum selections of cells and cocktails for flow scintillation analysis. This software utility takes into account variables such as HPLC flow rate, split ratios, cocktail ratios, pH, type of sample compound, eluent, and radioisotopic labels.
Packard 170

DNA purification. Clotspin enables DNA from clotted blood samples to be included in clinical studies and molecular diagnostics with ease and speed. Each unit comes with a tube, cap, and disposable insert.
Gentra 171

Software. The Scientific Data Management System integrates data generated by various scientific instruments and machines and compiles it in a form that is easy to sort, access, and share through Web-enabled features. This software increases productivity by reducing the time it takes for research, and it can significantly reduce costs.
NuGenesis Technologies 172

Spectrometer. The API QSTAR system enables highly sensitive analyses of very-low-level concentrations of peptides, permitting the structural identification and analysis of proteins.
MDS Pharma Systems 173

Data cartridge. Auspyx enables researchers to store and search chemical structures directly in Oracle 8i databases. The cartridge makes Oracle “chemically aware”, extending its syntax to provide access to the 2-D, 3-D, and similarity-searching capabilities of Unity chemical searching software. Auspyx allows users to locate molecules whose structures make them suitable drug candidates.
Tripos 174

Software. MOE 2001.01 introduces two applications in structure-based drug design: an application to locate active sites in proteins and an application to analyze and predict the preferred locations of certain ligand atoms in receptor structures. The software includes a 13,000+ searchable protein structure and family database.
Chemical Computing Group 175

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