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August 2001
Volume 4, No. 7
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Focus: Combinatorial Chemistry

The nuke's the thing for synthesis
David Bradley
In combinatorial chemistry, the new wave is micro.
Educating for combichem
John K. Borchardt
To serve both industry and science, combinatorial chemistry is becoming part of the college curriculum
Zeroing in on zoonoses
Christopher S. W. Koehler
Diseases that pass from animals to people are not only scourges but also provide a link between human and veterinary medicine that can be exploited.

Content in Context
Guilt trip
News in Brief

Rules and Regulators
Veterinary vexations

For Your Health
Health and home hazards

Clinical Trials Track
The book of knowledge

Money Matters: Corporate
The failure of a business model

The Tool Box
Imaging for pharmacology: A PET project

The Time Line
Vicissitudes of a vitamin

Sites and Software
Click twice and call me in the morning

Ready to Read
Human Trials: Scientists, Investors, and Patients in the Search for a Cure

On the Calendar

New Product Notes

Diseases and Disorders
Menkes disease