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February 2002
Vol. 5, No. 2, pp 51, 53.
new product notes
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Safety cabinet. The BioPROtect II is a walk-in/reach-in biological safety cabinet that is designed for large robotic liquid-handling systems and high-throughput screening applications. This large-capacity unit is useful in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and biomedical process applications in which Class 100 air is essential.
Baker 150

Thermal meltsThermal melts. The Fluorescence Bio Melt system is a turnkey, application-specific package for studying the thermal characteristics of DNA and proteins. The multicell Peltier accessory provides supreme temperature accuracy and precision, which are required for measuring multiple samples.
Varian 151

Workstation. The Magnatrix1200 automates biomagnetic separation and is fitted with Magtration technology. Magtration pipet heads with magnets positioned directly behind the tips make it possible to perform reactions, washings, and separations in situ in the tips.
Magnetic Biosolutions AB 152

Microplate detection system. The SPECTRAmax 340PC384 has a 384-well format capability, precision optics, and SOFTmax PRO software. This flexible, high-performance absorbance reader is designed for a wide variety of applications, including ELISA and -galactosidase reporter gene studies. The system features a scanning monochromator to eliminate the need for filters and to aid in assay optimization.
Molecular Devices 153

Columns. Xterra Phenyl Columns have an improved peak shape and lifetime and add an alternative selectivity to the existing Xterra product family. Columns come in 33 sizes, including a guard column.
Waters 154

Automated blood processing
Accessory Kit
Automated blood processing.
The Olympus OLA 1500 pre- and postanalytical blood sample processing system meets the needs of medium to large transfusion services. It streamlines workflow and reduces costs associated with sample processing by automating identification, decapping, output sorting, and archive preparation of sample tubes.
Olympus 155

Accessory kit. The accessory kit for the Biomek 2000 Laboratory Automation Workstation includes hardware and software elements that automate the quantitation and normalization of DNA samples in 96-well plates. The package includes predeveloped BioWorks methods and Data Collector software for quantitating DNA sample concentrations by reading and standard plates.
Beckman Coulter 156

MicroDissector. This PPMD method processes all common histological samples, as well as living cells, rapidly and precisely. It eliminates the time-consuming pretreatment of sections. The type and thickness of the section have no bearing on its performance. There are no adverse effects from heat exposure or UV radiation to the surrounding tissue.
Eppendorf 157

Drying adapter
Drying adapter.
The VacMaster allows SPE columns to dry more quickly than do traditional vacuum methods. Analyte recoveries are enhanced when columns are thoroughly dried before elution. The drying adapter works in conjunction with a vacuum manifold, and options are available that are compatible with column volumes of 1, 3, 6, 15, and 25 mL.
Jones Chromatography 158

Incubator. The translucent, acrylic, Peltier-based chilling/heating incubator is for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biochemistry, clinical, general chemistry, and other laboratories. The unit holds 12 assay plates or 664 centrifuge tubes in an 8 x 14.5 in. footprint from 10.0 to 50.0 °C. Applications include protein crystal growth; culture growth above, below, or at ambient temperature; enzyme reactions and deactivations; ligations; storage of oocytes and DNA libraries; hybridizations; and incubation of marine cultures.
Torrey Pines Scientific 159

Mass spectrometer. The LCQ Deca XP research-grade benchtop ion-trap instrument features a completely redesigned orthogonal API source that provides ultrasensitivity and extreme ruggedness. This unit gives high data quality in full-scan MS and MS/MS mode.
Thermo Finnigan 160

Training CD. This interactive teaching and technical support tool increases the ease of use of Biacore’s chip-based SPR technology systems and improves the quality of data being published. The CD-ROM includes theoretical and practical guidelines to cover each step in the development, execution, and interpretation of kinetic measurements.
Biacore 161

HPLC columns
Imaging system
This simple manual system spots DNA, cDNA, RNA, protein, and antibody microarrays for a variety of assays. It is ideal for conducting pilot and proof-of-principle studies and screening small genomic libraries.
V&P Scientific 162

Microplates. The small-volume Proxi Plate microplates are available in 96- and 384-well format and in black and white. Shallow wells allow the microplates to position samples much closer to the instrument detectors, yielding increased signals.
Packard BioScience 163

Analyzer. The YSI 7100 MSB is a powerful, upgradeable system for testing in the laboratory and pilot plant, as well as in production. It measures up to four distinct parameters simultaneously. The system can be customized with up to three mix-and-match sensor modules, each containing up to two chemistry sensors. Existing chemistries include glucose, lactate, glutamate, and glutamine with ammonium. Standard features include true multiparameter measurement and display.
YSI 164

HPLC columns. Prevail columns are available in a full range of phases and hardware formats to suit every application. The Prevail C18 is a general-purpose column that works well in all mobile-phase conditions. The proprietary bonding process stabilizes the C18 phase in a highly aqueous mobile phase.
Alltech 165

Imaging system. The TILL real-time fluorescence system features the highest possible synchronization between fluorescence excitation and image acquisition, yielding the best duty cycle to reduce photo damage to a minimum. Gap-free bursting image acquisition allows high-speed, multicolor image acquisition, which is necessary for the study of fast dynamic processes in living cells.
Photonics 166

Imaging system. The DigiDoc-It features a digital color camera, UV filter and diopter, compact hood enclosure, and software. The 3.3-megapixel, high-resolution color camera provides high-quality and clarity of 29.5 x 22.2 cm images. The camera is housed and protected in the top of the lightweight hood enclosure, which fits on an optional high-performance UV transilluminator.
UVP 167

Brochure. Purification of Antibodies describes affinity ligand adsorbents designed for the industrial purification of pharmaceutical antibodies.
ProMetic 168

Size analyzer. The Saturn DigiSizer is a high-definition laser particle-size analyzer that uses advanced digital detection technology to deliver high resolution, accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility. The instrument provides particle-size information for product development, quality control, and academic research.
Micromeritics 169

Fiber-optics. Multitrack Fiber Bundles for multitrack spectroscopy bring 260–2200-nm radiation to an imaging spectrograph from multiple sources, for simultaneous dispersion over a multichannel detector.
Thermo Oriel 170

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