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April 2002
Volume 5, No. 4
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Focus: Diagnostics
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Diagnosing newbornsDiagnosing newborns
Randall C. Willis
Mass Spectrometry helps clinicians find congenital defects and points researchers toward new biomarkers of disease.
Cancer: From detection through therapyCancer: From detection through therapy
Mark S. Lesney
Molecular profiling has transformed our understanding of the disease and of drug responsivelness, which may improve potentials for treatment.
Content in Context
The tools of diagnosis

News in Brief

For Your Health
A mother’s fight against CF

Rules and Regulators
Managing validation strategies

Matters of Money
The Medicaid effect

The Tool Box
The right road to drug discovery?

Sites and Software
A league of IT’s own?

Ready to Read
Dispensing with the Truth: The Victims, the Drug Companies, and the Dramatic Story behind the Battle over Fen-Phen

New Product Notes

Diseases and Disorders
Sjogren’s syndrome

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