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May 2002
Vol. 5, No. 5, pp 71–75.
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Well plate. This unit is optimized for automation and thermal cycling. The skirt and deck are molded from a rigid polymer that prevents the warping and shrinkage seen with standard plates, while the 96 integrated wells are molded separately from a low-binding polypropylene polymer. Thus, the wells are ideal for DNA reactions. The rigid deck is optimized for applications involving robotic manipulation or low-volume reactions in which dimensional stability is critical.
MJ Research

Genomics kitGenomics kit. Montage SEQ kits provide a gel-free platform for fast and efficient high-throughput dye terminator removal with no centrifugation or ethanol precipitation required. This product provides longer read lengths, higher Phred scores, and virtually no dye blobs. The 10-min protocols are simple and easily integrated with automated systems.

Software. This program automates DNA quantitation and normalization in 96- and 383-well formats. The Wizard-based software provides an easy-to-use, query-based interface. It takes as little as 2 min and achieves normalization in less than 7 min.
Beckman Coulter

Management system. This fully automated system is used for the accurate design, analysis, and control of large-scale experiments with proteins as they appear on 2-D gels. Using advanced computational technologies, this system enables fast and accurate comparison and organization of multidimensional gel collections.

Cloning system. This product links phenotype back to genotype and uses a plasmid-based human adult brain cDNA library. Researchers can use this system for substrate identification, enzymatic activity, and interaction screens. Screens can be performed for protein–DNA, protein–lipid, and protein–protein interactions.

Catalog. This publication features an extensive line of products that simplify the isolation, detection, and quantitation of RNA. More than 100 new products are introduced, including tools for aRNA amplification, poly(A)RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis and labeling, array analysis, and Northern analysis. Also included are products for quantitative RT-PCR, tissue arrays, high transcription, and nuclease control.

CentrifugeCentrifuge. The 5702 model is suitable for clinical and industrial research. To cover the largest possible range of applications, three different rotors, adapters for almost all tube shapes, and aerosol-tight caps are supplied.

Microgenomics. This complete integrated system for microgenomics is used to study cell-specific gene expression in cells captured from heterogeneous in situ cell populations. The system features two key technologies: laser capture microdissection and RNA amplification.

SoftwareSoftware. This standard integration software has an upgraded architecture and offers several compelling enhancements to enable users to better understand and optimize plant production. It is used in plant and manufacturing in the petrochemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.
Thermo Labsystems

Newsletter. The Sample contains information and news on the preparation and characterization of solids for laboratories and industry. This free, quarterly, 12-page newsletter focuses on applications for the pharmaceutical industry.

Powder dispenser. This system has many applications in pre- and postsynthesis sample preparation and compound library management. It has proved to be highly accurate for more than 40,000 different powders. It dispenses a wide range of powders as well as many-to-many, many-to-one, and one-to-many. The system dispenses small quantities accurately, with throughputs comparable to those of manual operation.
Mettler Toledo

Buccal DNA extraction. This kit provides an easy and rapid method for extraction of PCR-ready genomic DNA from buccal (cheek) cells. Buccal cells are absorbed onto a collection swab by rotating the swab on the inside of the cheek. The time and discomfort required for blood draws are eliminated.

Assay kitsAssay kits. This new generation of magnetic-particle-based immunossays is used for quantitative detection of cytokines and other cell communication factors using flow cytometry. The flexible assays require a small number of washing steps and allow longer incubation and storage times. They are available for human IL-4, IL-5, IL-6, IL-12, Fas ligand, and Granzyme B.
Alexis Biochemicals

Blotting kit. This product is a novel tool that prepares 10 blots from one protein gel. Each of the membrane “copies” can be probed with a different antibody. The kit is particularly useful in studies of multiple proteins in cell signaling pathways and for the analysis of protein modifications such as phosphorylation and glycosylation. The protocol is a straightforward adaptation of conventional Western blotting, and no special instrumentation is required.The kit allows comparison of up to 10 different proteins with no sample-to-sample variability. Complete analysis takes less than 3 h as compared with the more than 24 h required to run and analyze 10 Westerns.
Bottletop dispenserGeneSystems

Bottletop dispenser. This dispenser is ideal for use with bases, saline solutions, polar solvents, and most acids. It is autoclavable for sterile dispensing applicationsand simplifies ISO 9000/GLP compliance. The safety system permits recirculation to minimize reagent waste.

Microarray spotter platform. This instrument achieves optimal spot quality and reproducibility through pen-matching, optimal environmental conditions in the spotter, and accurate slide positioning. The system ensures extremely efficient sample usage by a single sample uptake of less than 200 nL. The pens deposit up to 150 spots across 75 slides.
Microarray spotter platformAmersham Biosciences

Software. Millennium32 is designed to interface output from chromatography data systems to LIMS. The new module allows users to establish two-way communication and data transfer between Millennium32 and any LIMS without creating files outside either application. Worklists can be uploaded from the LIMS to Millennium32, and sample results can be retrieved and delivered directly to the LIMS. By incorporating electronic signatures, 100 levels of password protection, and a full audit trail implementation, LimsLinkCDS provides the level of security and accountability required to meet 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Pipet tip system.This product features an easy slide-loading process and is a three-in-one unit. It functions as a standard rack, a reloading rack, and a stacked-deck product.

Chamber. This 58-ft3 stainless steel temperature and humidity chamber is designed for stability and shelf-life testing. It features a double-door configuration with viewing windows that have light-tight covers and a continuously welded stainless steel vapor-tight chamber interior. ICH general stability conditions for room temperature storage, intermediate storage, and accelerated shelf-life studies are provided. Standard sizes include 10, 17, 32, 41, and 58 ft3 and are available in four temperatures, or temperature and humidity combinations. Chambers can be equipped with optional lighting systems to comply with guidelines for photostability conditions.
Lunaire Environmental

Genetic analyzer. The ABI Prism 3100 Avant provides performance on a capillary-based system for life-science researchers requiring low-to-medium throughput for DNA analysis. The system can be used in fields ranging from therapeutic discovery to food safety. It is a four-capillary electrophoresis system that can be upgraded from low-to-medium throughput to a 16-capillary genetic analyzer, which allows researchers to quadruple throughput as their laboratory needs grow.
Applied Biosystems

ImagerImager. The Molecular Imager FX has external laser options, making it a highly flexible system. The excitation sources are 488 nm only, 488 combined with 635 nm, and 635 nm only. Capabilities include imaging and analyzing radioisotope emissions and fluorescence.

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