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May 2002
Volume 5, No. 5
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Focus: High-Throughput Screening
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The matching gameThe matching game
Randall C. Willis
Protein-based biochips are making strides in proteomics and diagnostics.
Adding the "spoonful of sugar" and more Adding that “spoonful of sugar”—and more
Christen L. Brownlee
Hundreds of pharmaceutical excipients help the medicine go down—but some can cause serious problems for patients.
Anti-acneContent in Context
Blockbuster efficiency
News in Brief
Risky rides
Glucose sensing
From pipets to mass spec
Learning to learn again
Medicinal marijuana not tops
For whom the cells toll
A closer look at cells

For Your Health
When peanuts are poison

Clinical Trials Track
Clinician-initiated trials

Matters of Money
For European travels, check your VAT

The Time Line
Apostles of cleanliness

The Tool Box
A binding proposition

Infringement for the public good?Patents and Property
Infringement for the public good?

Sites and Software
Neural networks to the rescue

Ready to Read
Ether Day
The Strange Tale of America's Greatest Medical Discovery and the Haunted Men Who Made It
The World of Caffeine
The Science and Culture of the World’s Most Popular Drug

New Product Notes

Munchausen's syndrome
On the Calendar

HPLC 2002

Diseases and Disorders
Munchausen's syndrome

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